Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bitterlind Syndrome

(ML 32:7)
JENNY LIND, THE FAMOUS SWEDISH NIGHTINGALE, was considered one of the greatest popular singers of her day. Her music teacher said, "Jenny, you've got everything to make you the world's greatest singer, but one thing!" "What in the world is that?" she asked. "I practice all day long, and you say I have tremendous range, versatility, and talent! What haven't I got?" "To make you a truly great singer", he replied, "you have to have a broken heart!" So he thereupon proceeded to break it for her! She fell in love with him, and he jilted her. Then she began to sing from her heart!--The songs she sang became her own--songs of loneliness and tears--not just a collection of words and music--but it was her own heart cry!

Yes, that's a beautiful story, but what about the music teacher? Oh, he was villified and demonized in all her songs hence, when she failed to recognize the favour he was doing her. Also, from then on she was a b%$@** to every other guy she ever met, even causing a few to actually die of broken hearts. Hopefully this got back to the music teacher, to which he probably rolled his eyes.

I'm telling you people, it's all in the way you look at things. Are you a jerk? Or a music teacher?


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

So Damn Meaningless

(NOTE: If you were referred here by a strange comment on your webpage or in your email, unfortunately that was placed by someone who does not like me and is trying to take this post out of context to hurt you. May I suggest we use this odd coincidence to have some fun instead? Here look at this one, it's fun! --Ur Beautiful. Or this one! --So Last Night Was Healthy After All.)


I am going to show you a video of a beautiful song, with a purpose.

Atrophy, by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Have a listen.