Saturday, December 06, 2008

Immortality By Death

Do you hate the System and the heartless monster it has become?

Do you hate the Christless churches and how they bloodthirstily martyr any true believers who dare to step out of their molds?

Do you too have a burning passion to turn this world upside down with Love, no matter who or what stands in your way?

Then this album is for you.

Immortality By Death (click to download)

(Lyrics and album covers included in zip file)

Mirror 1:
Immortality By Death (click here for slower, direct download)

Welcome to a new world of quality music for the Offensive. Composed entirely of heavy metal witnessing songs, Immortality By Death tackles the answers to some of life's toughest questions in a thrilling new, Generation Y presentation. Get ready to shake your country to its foundations. Turn up the volume and prepare for the energy that will boil your blood and make your hair stand on end.
Immortality By Death is melodic death metal, guaranteed to make you sad, glad, or fighting mad.
Let the metal move you.


01 Branded a Heretic
02 Forsaken in Death
03 Life Once Lost
04 Blinded Eyes (Feat. Amaranthine)
05 Requiem For a Dream (Feat. Amaranthine)
06 What Dreams May Come/One Day*
07 BONUS TRACK -- Kiss Your Life Goodbye (punkpop remix)


Screamed Vocals - Caleb
Clean Vocals - Joe
Guitars/Screamed Vocals - Danny
Guitars/Bass - Karen
Drums - Paul

Lyrics: John, Danny, Sonny
Music: Danny, Paul, Randy
*One Day written by Hans Zimmer

Mixing - Danny
Production - Danny
Mastering - Steven

Special Thanks To: "Shem for sponsoring the recording of this (album), Joe Amaranthine for lending us the magic of his spellbinding vocals, Steven McNair for using his talented ears and valuable time to master these songs, Ntl for his advice on the recording and mix, Anna for the five minutes she spent helping us create Requiem For A Dream, DJ/RICO/Rick for the labours of love they spent building the studio with us."