Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Judgment Day.

A new video. The retribution.
Remember, if you like the video, feel free to link to it.



At 11:09 pm, Blogger ambie said...

You're looking very white and clean...

At 10:20 am, Anonymous Administrator said...

Cast is the new armwear!
Welcome to the fashion centre of 2006.


At 12:22 am, Blogger Joan said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 10:38 am, Blogger Joan said...

yahaha, joe that is thee best out fit I've ever seen you wear so far. Man that orange shirt...burn it man!lol... guys look ilke angels when they where all white... sometmes

At 12:15 pm, Anonymous Gio said...

Is that Kicking Up A Storm in the backround?

When can we expect "Ben's Revenge"?


At 1:06 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

joan, i didn't get the song from ___..? i don't even know who she is. but if she's 1 of ur contacts pls protect her name. txs 4 deleting the comment.
btw, wasn't i wearing blue? do u mean ben?

and gio, no, kicking up a storm actually says kicking up a storm IN the song. a number of times. this 1 is stand up and b counted, song #1 from that tcd.

which we actually have in its entirety now, from various sources. minus 2 last songs (probably the worst). if any of u want them, i'll c what i can do. since the demise of the ftmf, this line of work is dangerous. who knows what happened 2 those guys.

in a less dangerous category, we also have 'u wonder why', advertised as soon 2 b released on the poa site, but not yet..... and most controversial of all, we have their (POA's) 1st pro-recording, Nautical Star. whoa. impressed?
plus some other fun things.

ben's revenge? wait and see. hehe

This comment has been tiring.


At 3:19 pm, Anonymous Gio said...

I want that TCD. And I meant to ask if it was from that CD. And it is.

Isin't it supposed to be out by now?


At 5:51 pm, Blogger Joan said...

Whaaat? I don't get what your saying about the contact and all, what ARE you talknig about? Yea, didn't know if you were allowed to let the whole world listen to it, and if you weren't then the, "girls from japan" would be the ones to be pointed at (you understand what I mean right?). But I'm sure it's fine, that's why I deleted the comment. (Would be cooler if ppl waited till they get that TCD to be able to have more... inthusiasm (how ever it's spelt) when they hear it for the FIRST time, I mean you don't have to but... just what I think) And, aheh... it was ORANGE!! Saw you wearing it on, I think, the first day of the BLAST.

At 11:03 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...


i am a firm believer in freeing the music. if the point is 2 nourish our souls (and that IS the point), then why should ANYONE feel they have they right 2 hold back spiritually feeding music? do u know how many of our kids we still need 2 get off of the poison? while the pure sits in its "bigger barns" because it isn't "perfect" yet??!
"allowed?" 2 give a sip of pure water 2 parched lips? i would stake my life. would u b more enthusiastic if u were starving and someone waited till u were dead 2 take u 2 the golden corral?
but no, u aren't the culprit, so 4 any stingy copyright obsessed perfectionist trying 2 hunt me down: it wasn't joan.
sorry, it's late.


At 2:32 am, Anonymous Steve said...

I have to say I was Very Surprised to hear stand up and be counted in the video. I though only Folks in Japan had "access". I'm a firm beliver in free the Music too, sometimes you just wait untill the song is the best it can be. why would you want to hear Junk? and when it comes to songs produced for WS its a totally different story. They pay, They say.
Cool video BTW, Good stuff. we need this kind of "entertainment" in the fam.

At 8:08 am, Blogger Joan said...

whoa... I said, it was what I thought, I was not FORCING you to. You can "free" the music if you want, I just thought it would be better to have people wait till the TCD comes out.

1. like Steve said, it will be mastered and it will (I KNOW, I lvied with U.John, he works on them till 3 or 4 at IN THE MORNING, pleeease don't let his hard work go to waste) sound good., when you watch a movie, you hate it when people tell you about whats gonna happen next.

That's what I think about "freeing" the music with basically everyone. I have never known someone can think about music as music to a dying soul.

Why dosen't that dying soul just get FRESH and CLEAN water from Jesus himself?

But like I said, let me repeat, this is what I, JOAN, thinks.


At 8:09 am, Blogger Joan said...

Typeo: Water to a dying soul*

At 11:01 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

steve: i don't think it's junk! i'm sorry but mastering makes so little difference to my target audience: the untrained ear.
i understand they hold the pursestrings, which means u can't officially release it.... but do u mind it accidentally getting out every once in a while? even if just 2 a small select few? because if u do, out of respect 2 u i will keep stuff by u 2 myself, not spread it around.
so... u and they don't mind just japan hearing "junk"?


At 11:06 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

joan: i dig u, ur cool.

...albeit misguided.

i love it when ppl tell me what's going 2 happen next! hate being the innocent dork who is the last 1 clueless. isn't that the whole point of the book of revelations? what if god had decided not 2 free HIS music?
of course the end result is going 2 b different, but he gives us a sneak preview 2 keep us hoping.


At 5:03 am, Anonymous steve said...

haha! No man, I think I was unclear,
It's cool you used the song. Once the JTB decides to post it somewhere, Its "out" as far as I'm concerned. I don't think Mastering hardly makes any difference either. By junk I mean like Demos or quick recordings, or Unfinished Mixes.
speaking of which, can you email me salvegion Begone? Thanks.

At 12:21 pm, Blogger Joan said...

You dig me huh? Well that's good to know.
Anyhow, Whatever Joe. I'm wasting my time trying to understand what you're telling me. I do not have a mind like yours, where music is water to perched lips, and a clueless dork being in a book of revelations. So you don't need to explain anymore, you want to free heavy music once you get your hands on them. I understand that and I'm sure that's all you're trying to tell me. (well i hope)
Oi!! Are you guys saying that, Uncle John's work isn't doing much good? Are you saying that his hard work that goes until 3 or 4 in the morning is a waste? humph, and you call yourselves musicians...henna gaijin's!

At 10:55 pm, Anonymous h said...

you are so hot!

At 1:32 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

hear that ben?? we're hot! praise the lord!


At 11:10 pm, Anonymous David said...

its offical this guys a poser

At 9:57 pm, Anonymous insertgenericname said...

Thank you! thats what I said.


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