Saturday, June 30, 2007

Small Things

I hate July because then all the June bugs die.



At 4:29 am, Anonymous jb said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 9:53 am, Anonymous jb said...


At 1:30 am, Anonymous blurrr said...

lol, hows the level of Political correctness needed to appease Joey...

don't breathe in a way that might make him look bad, else 'deleted'.

At 8:46 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

its the lord were looking to please here fool. watch it

At 8:47 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah go worship moloch or something. u can say wtv crap u want to him.

At 8:45 am, Anonymous blurrr said...

Oh please just calm down.

Yes, Joey's post was oh so dedicated to pleasing the lord, wasn't it?

"Bandwagon's full,
Please, catch another."

At 10:19 am, Anonymous Administrator said...

it was. the lord loves simple people.

Love, Joe!

At 5:30 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

right on. You rock Joe!

At 7:56 am, Anonymous blurrr said...

Sweet Jesus, no one attacked being simple, no one insulted it. Please quit pandering to Neo and his clones.

And as someone up there noted, there is nothing profound about your post, so labeling it profound does not make you 'simple'. I'm not sure why you even brought that up.

At 8:41 pm, Anonymous N. said...

Btw, this is Joe's blog and if he thinks his statement was profound, you can either laugh at his ignorance and ignore him, or just leave it alone. So friggin what?? Who cares what the labels are? This blog is for his own personal amusement, not yours and he possesses freedom of speech to post and label what he wants. i'm sure people don't agree with all the labels on my blog posts either, but i don't give a damn. My blog, my decisions.

At 2:40 am, Anonymous blurrr said...

No one has asked him to change it, or questioned his 'right to free speech'.

Though it is ironic that you mention free speech on a blog who's administrator maintains his (fragile) pop image through extensive censorship.

Also i think you've completely missed the point of a Label, which is to provide easy categorization of topics for the blog readers, so when said readers click on the profound label and find something that could be the musings of an 11 year old, it somewhat defeats the purpose.

I might be alone in this, but the impression i get of Joey is that he is:

a) a man pleasing git
b) a man pleasing git
c) all of the above

and going by that, its hard to imagine his blog is made 'for his entertainment' and not for the appeasement of his 14 yr old girl (plus Neo) fan club.

At 5:40 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are ppl making a big deal over nothing? God this is so immature!!!! For crying out loud just leave the guy alone. He can put up whatever he wants on his blog! If you don't like it, don't read it!

At 6:59 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take your own advice anonymous:

'If you don't like it, don't read it!'

At 9:40 am, Blogger kathy said...

hhahahha man this is sooo stupid!!! joe, why do people TRY to annoy you??? you should disable comments! they're just looking for stupid.

At 11:31 am, Anonymous blurrr said...

Oh look, its the head cheerleader of the aforementioned fan club.

Give me a 'J' - give me an 'O' - give me an 'E' - what does that spell?


Oh, and anonymous (3 comments up) do you really think this issue is about this particular post?

No, silly, it's about Joey's serious condition of egomania.

At 9:22 pm, Anonymous Tammy said...

LOL!! Silly people!

Yes, Joe has ego. Everyone has a good portion of it, Joe might have just a tad bit more than most. PTL the birds are still singing!

Yes, Joe is Jesus to me, and to other people too.

At 11:50 pm, Anonymous Dave said...

Don't click on Blurr's name, if you do it'll lead you to a naked image of Blurr having fun with his fellow Homosexual friends.

At 2:05 am, Blogger Neo said...

Hey, Kathy, you're a "Head Cheerleader". Cool. Though I don't know how blurr thought that you were a clone of me. Strange people. But dear Joe is a 110%er, so we really don't care what mental cases like blurr say.

Um Joe, it wouldn't be perhaps possible to delete blurr the sodomite from this blog commemt section, would it?

At 8:52 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh seriously Neo, even someone as dim as you should realise the term 'clone' was referring to duplicate attitudes, and not anything physical.

This whole discussion is a little silly, but seriously if people would use a little sense in their responses rather than thoughtless overzealousness, there might actually be an end product.

Blurrr, aside from the gay links (even so, they were mildly funny) has been the only one to make sense in this discussion.

Joe, besides his (very) questionably music and his slightly over inflated ego, seems an ok guy.

Perhaps it might be best if you (Joe) responded directly to comments rather than have the discussion degraded by the bandwagon jumping hoards.

Above all we should remember we are a reflection of Disciples to the rest of the world, and as such we don't need to be constantly 'outwitting' the previous commenter with a 'cool' cutting reply.

In your hearts, set apart Christ as Lord.

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you, to give the reason for the hope that you have.

But do this with gentleness and respect. --1 Peter 3:15

At 12:21 am, Anonymous Squib said...

um to note, there was nothing funny about the gay links. Just a sick mind, and if you find that amusing......well whatever floats your boat.

yes Neo may have a very very cloned attitude on comments on different blogs, but so what, who cares? It's his face to the world. If he wants to look like yet another matrix wannabe or whatever so what. (yes i do know that this is about attitude not phsycial apperance)

So, joe has too much ego, well we all have things that need to be fixed about ourselves. So who give a friggin ****? Saying it doesn't help any, he already knows that probably.

I hate the new year cause all the chirstmas beatles die. I'm profound

At 8:41 am, Blogger Neo said...

What is that supposed to mean? Of course I have the same attitude wherever I post, I'm one person. And I'm not a matrix wannabe.

At 2:27 am, Anonymous Squib said...

it's your face to the world dude, that's what i said, you have the same attitude everywhere you post, and such is what you want the world to veiw you was. A spammer, is about all.

At 5:04 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I'm not a matrix wannabe."

..your online name is Neo... and your avatar is yourself photoshopped into a a matrix pic, your blog is called 'neo's metanoya'... seriously.. who are you kidding?

At 5:18 am, Anonymous Squib said...

Heehehe, himself i think.

Yeah maybe he's not, Neo did a little more to help his world than spaming up other's blogs, sites and forums.

At 5:48 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

aw guyz just shut up...nonsense, this whole chat box!

At 6:07 am, Blogger Neo said...

Well, squib & anonymous, tell me exactly what you have done to help this world. I hate to toot my horn, but my web job is to make music widely availible and in easy, organized sections. What the hell does my name matter to you anyway? I'd say, squib is promoting Harry Potter, not like we don't know where that is from. Just go spam somewhere else. If Joe doesn't like my comments, he can either delete them or tell m too. But for now I don't think he has a problem.

At 7:16 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't say anything about you blog yet, don't get me started on it. I was talking about your constant spamming of other peoples sites and forums. Many of my friends have commented on the annoyingness of it.
Now people may say that this comment in itself is spam, but at least i'm not filling dozens of sites, blogs and forums with meaningless data, proving my blondness to the world.

Silence is golden dude, especially yours.

At 7:17 am, Anonymous Squib said...

Sorry i chose the wrong option, that last post is mine, not anonymous'

At 10:07 am, Anonymous anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with your name Neo... I don't even have a problem with you being matrix obsessed...(Or in love with Joe) your life, your taste.. It's only the denial of that obsession that i was bringing up..

I'm sure you are a good person.. its just your zeal and overeagerness to spout off at anyone or anything, without really adding anything of value to a discussion.. is a bit tiring.

You should understand, Joe sets himself up for a fair bit of criticism with his general attitude, but he is a big boy and can stand up for himself, without needing his little pets to do it for him.

Now and busy yourself with another of your digital monstrosities that you call MMV's.

At 8:31 pm, Anonymous Squib said...

you hit it right on the head anon,

Your zeal and overeagerness to spout off at anyone or anything, part is so true. Neo maybe you should retire for the next say thousand years or so.

digital creations, well, they aren't the best, but they are better than when you first started. You do them better than i can, so whatever floats your boat, maybe focus on that instead of spaming up the world.

and to note, your bloging music, is not a job, it's just a self imposed task that you use to spread yourself around. No thanx i don't want a taste, 3 matrix movies, heaps of games and adds is enough for me. don't need any more matrix flavor in my life.

Go cuddle agent smith. I'm sure it would be more satisfying than spamming.

At 9:17 am, Blogger Neo said...

You two obviously avoided my first question, what have you done on the web that is worthwhile? Answer me that. If all of your freinds, squib, are complaining to you that my posting on "dozens of blogs & forums" is irritating, then why don't they tell me rather than send you to bitch about it. Ever stop to think that maybe your comments may be irritating? I'm not in love with Joe, I admire him & his dedication. But I also admire my brother for the same reason. You may not like my mmvs but so what? They aren't up there for people to complain about. And really, two annoymouses with bad attitudes & nowhere to find out about them are a lot more spam then one of me. What are you two trying to accomplish with attacking me here? It's not going to work, as I'm not bothered about what you think. I listen to non-anonymouses & get plenty of good feedback from them. So why don't go and watch your favorite Hairy Potty film, squib, and leave me & Joe's blog alone--together with your bosom buddy anonymous.

At 11:04 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I avoided your question because you seem to be under the misconception that your blogs are some sort of savior for humanity, and that running them somehow justifies your irksome mannerisms.

I'll admit, I've downloaded a song or two from your blog, so thanks for that, but lets not get carried away, it's a far cry from the grandeur that you seem to think it is.

And so what if I don't like your "MMV's"? Are you under the impression that they are Utopian and thus exempt from any criticism at all?

My opinion is merely that, an opinion, and if you don't like it, then disregard it, but do not keep inviting trouble with your inept comments and remarks.

You sir are a prize idiot, and only make this clearer the more you speak.

good evening.


At 7:09 pm, Anonymous Squib said...

ahhaha Neo, i have done alot more than you would imagine, but i dont' go and blow my whistle, and if i spoke of what i have done over the net to help somebody, then that would reveal third part names which don't need to be said.

We aren't bitching, we are mearly commenting on the fact that the world is not longer safe from a spamer like you. yes it would definitly be a tiresome job for all the people to clear the witless garbage you put up on every forum and blog.

and if we said our names, it would make you feel more singled out, if it's jsut a blank space, you can take or leave it with out the feeling of guilt of ignoring the fact that someone has spit the truth and you just couldn't handle it.

Oh so now you have taken over Joe's blog too and are starting to banish people from it? hehehe i guess you got to spread you little matrixed out feelers all over the place.

Who said anything about being in love with joe? if you are indeed then please tell us so we can "attack" that point as well.

And no two anons here are not more than one of you, if we took this debate to every topic on every blog and every forum you grace or should i say disgrace with your witless prattle, then yes we could be guilty of spamming.

yes comments that don't have wit are fine, like oh your hot, or nice pic. that's cool and all, just not on every subject everywhere every place. that's spam.

At 8:03 am, Blogger Neo said...

I'll quit arguing with you two. Its spamming Joe's blog, so this'll be my last post to you two.
No#1: I never have said or thought that either of my blogs are a savior to humanity. But I do like the fact they they are so totally different then any other blog. And most blogs are just a lot of senseless prattle which is something I satay awy from
No#2: It was dear Anonymous that said I was in love with Joe (some wirdo), and who has now introduced himself as "the.cog". I could have guessed.
No#3: Spam is something that gets in your way & is terribly bothering, and usually is directed at you. So you two shooting your guns at me is spam. If the stuff I say is supposedly not itellegent, at least it is courteous. Unlike you! And uh...squib? OUR names? Like you're a scitzo or something?
If you said your names & had some kind of way for me to find out about you, then at least I could discover why you hate me. But at least cog did, I know why he does.
No#4: I don't think my mmvs are all that great, I get plenty of critisim on them. And I'm my own worst critic. But let's keep it to constuctive critisim, it helps.

Goodbye boys (or is it ladies?) I won't bother to keep posting in this section anymore. Nor will i bother to read your steaming replies. I'll just happily go on with my life without worring about two haters. Maybe you'll get board of cursing me & find something better to do with your lives. GBY

At 9:42 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh, on the contrary, you're probably hitting F5 every 2 minutes to check for replies..

Just a couple of points..

1. I don't hate you, so you can quit throwing that out like a little pity-line.

2. Please use spell-check, it helps to avoid posts which look like they have been written by someone with down syndrome.

3. You have not been courteous, just read some of your attempted "comebacks" in your previous comments. So please, don't even bother trying to take this high horse on this.



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