Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Romance and Sensuality

To be romantic is to blind yourself.
To be sensual is to touch yourself.
To be blind is the only way to be happy.
To be touched is the only way to feel.

Some of you may dissent with the way I plan to twist these words to suit my purposes. Too bad.

Sensual is more raw, more about arousal and bliss. Romance is about the other person. Romance, as commonly understood, is about trying to make your entire existence together like a dream or a poem, or a cloud. Sensual is about wringing pleasure from whatever your existence throws at you. Romance has little to do with sex when it comes to it (and although sex can be involved, it is never as satisfying as the sensual, because sensual is the expert in those matters).

Romance is either an innocence or a lie. You cannot be romantic unless your heart is unspoiled, you can only fake it.
Sensual cannot be ignorant. You cannot be sensual unless something in you is aware, has been awakened, although some people have been known to possess a pre-awakening spark. These people are usually quickly awakened by the nearest bidder.

Romance is candlelight or sunlight. Sensual is pitch black and soaked. Romance is a feather. Sensual is a red scratch blossoming down your chest, across your stomach.

And I read this somewhere. Paraphrased:
Romance is your eyes meeting across a crowded room.
Sensuality is your tongues meeting across a crowded room.

Sorry this isn't longer. You know it very well could be. It was the best I could muster up under the circumstances.



At 3:02 pm, Blogger ANNA said...


At 5:50 pm, Blogger Joan said...

yeaaaaa, didnt get what youre saying but...I love that pic. Esp. the car behind it...... ahhhh yessss!!!

At 9:07 pm, Anonymous Nina said...

Um PRETTY??? Pornographic perhaps. You perv.

At 2:15 am, Blogger Florence said...

yay! you paid up!
now how much does this cost?

At 4:20 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God bless you for trying. :D

At 8:43 am, Blogger Lisa said...


At 10:37 am, Anonymous Administrator said...

It costs your undying devotion, Flo.


At 6:12 am, Blogger lil ninars said...

I totally don't want to say anything.
But I will.
Here it comes...


PS: as far as music goes (I know, I'm like, so one month ago) it's like the difference between The Scientist and Lady Marmalade.
Yeah, I'm not going to explain myself.

Thanks for your time, Joe :P

At 6:03 pm, Blogger Florence said...

someone said my name?

At 7:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha so true

At 10:21 pm, Blogger Michelle Lavigne said...

Good lord, you did it again. Did you ask these guys if you could put their picture on your blog? I know for a fact that this is another personal picture only meant for certain places. You'd think you'd learn your lesson the first time in not putting that kind of picture up on your blog if you didn't ask.

At 5:43 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

Go away, Michelle. Your crimes are between you and the Lord.
Frankly, I am tired of you.


At 5:47 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

My email is available if these people want to negogiate. You know I am open minded. But all you slimy, busy bodying, fork tongued gossipers need to just mind your own business and quit inciting people. The hurt you create belongs to you and no one else.


At 9:16 pm, Anonymous Miss B said...

Maybe I shouldn't get involved in this. It's really not my issue. Bt I just thought I'd say:

Maybe people shouldn't post photos on the internet in the first place if they are meant to be "private".

At 9:32 am, Anonymous Administrator said...


My knight in shining armour.

hehe, just kidding. But yes, honestly. I think prudes shouldn't even TAKE photos in the first place. You have to understand. If you take the photo (or make the song, in the case of music), it will most likely eventually end up online, and chances are, posted on this web page. So please don't be ashamed of yourselves--I'm not ashamed of you! You're beautiful!

Dum ta dum ta dum... call on the Eleria!!!


At 10:09 am, Blogger turned to stone said...

AWWW that touches my heart...thats sooo pretty...k gross..but romance is sooo much cooler than ughh...sensuality...anyways...this was actually i didnt get bored when i read it

At 8:32 pm, Blogger Florence said...

joe!!! i have no stance on the subject, but you are STUBBORN!
i think the only difference between talking nicely and talking bitterly to you is in getting a nice negative answer or bitter negative answer. I mean, changing your mind is really out of the question isn't it. You should say that in the beginning.

At 11:55 pm, Blogger Lisa said...

Oh my God! Thats a picture of me!! Obviously. Take it down this instant.

At 7:14 am, Anonymous Administrator said...

Yeah Lisa--you and me.


At 8:10 am, Blogger Lisa said...


Details, details. Just cut me out of the picture.

At 7:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your a Moron Joe

At 5:34 pm, Anonymous Steve said...

"Your a Moron Joe"
"(Insert Lavigne's comment here)"

Oh please.

At 7:40 pm, Anonymous teresa said...

hey thats just nasty, now say ten things you love about Joe

At 10:06 pm, Anonymous steve said...

feel sorry for you man, all this hatin. I like your blog, In case ur wondering. the stuff you cook up is fun to watch.

At 11:32 pm, Blogger Dave said...

I assume that you've gotten permisson from the photographer before posting it for all to see?
If you haven't you should probably take it down.

At 11:28 am, Anonymous Administrator said...

Why don't you nosey, irritating, self-righteous people just mind your own business. Okay? Okay. Were you the photographer? No. Can you even FIND this picture elsewhere on the Internet these days? No. So could you please stop "assuming," stop "should-ing," stop putting your hallowed, sanctified, morally putrid views where they are unwanted, and leave me alone.
Other than that, I love you.


At 6:25 pm, Blogger Joan said...

I love you too....

At 7:08 pm, Blogger Dave said...

"Why don't you nosey, irritating, self-righteous people just mind your own business. Okay? Okay. Were you the photographer? No. Can you even FIND this picture elsewhere on the Internet these days? No. So could you please stop "assuming," stop "should-ing," stop putting your hallowed, sanctified, morally putrid views where they are unwanted, and leave me alone.
Other than that, I love you."

I don't think I'm being self righteous Joe, I just want to know if you have permission to show this pic on a GP site or not.
It's just a yes or no question.
Judging from your reaction I can guess that the answer is probably no.

Maybe you have every legal right to post these kinds of pictures on the net.
But as family members we should be trying to do the loving thing and if posting someone's private photos causes someone to stumble then the loving thing to do would be to take it down.
If the photographer asked you to post it then that would be a differnt story.

At 5:37 pm, Anonymous Clare said...

Next time you post of a picture of me, Joe, I want the top of my nipple showing.

Love ya,

At 5:50 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

Dave: It is a yes or no question which I hereby revoke your permission to ask. As Family members we should not:

Use bad grammar or atrocious capitalization.
Mind things that do not concern us.

Read 'Taking Changes As Professionals.'

Clare: What can I say? Yes Ma'am!! With great excitement.


At 12:13 pm, Blogger jess said...

I probably shouldn't be contributing to this discussion, but my husband was the photographer, and he doesn't care, (tho' sometimes he does, but in this case, the photo wasn't stolen from him or even posted by him in the first place, the models themselves posted it, so it's their perogative.)

--And I have to say, one of these days, it will be the coolest thing to be naked on Joes Blog. :)

At 12:30 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

Thank you, Jess.

Who is your husband?

What a nice situation for a photographer.


At 11:04 pm, Blogger FYI said...

ha, this is all so funny.
People get so worked up.
...and readers please realize that you could talk yourself blue in the face but about copyright issues but Joe is still going to post whatever he wants.
If you don't want your pics on Joe's site then don't post them on the internet.

At 11:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

arguments arguments..guys, relax...


At 10:32 am, Anonymous teresa said...

Hahahah, still can't believe that people are still posting comments on this post...(guilty)umm yeah, stuff

At 12:35 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

It's nice when the person is not anonymous. See, I know Dave. If I had known which Dave, I would have known the idea behind his comment, instead of overreacting.
The anonymous face is, as a rule, clouded, dark, and stupid.



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