Tuesday, October 16, 2007

a Polka for the People

A collection of some of the most beautiful ballads I have yet to hear--poignant and aptly touching in such beauty-for-ashes times as these. Masa's quivering, highly-charged tenor cuts straight past the skin to the heart and pierces into even that, while Cherish rounds off the ardour with an innocent and playful, yet extraordinarily competent, cultured touch.

The amazing thing about these is that most of them were originally meant to be quick, exclusively demo tracks, with little thought toward the clamorous competition of contemporary music, despite the sheer uncommon genius of the songs themselves, as well as the quality and distinction of the guitar accompaniment. They quickly caught on, however--hands in their pockets, whistling as they strolled up the charts--the rare gems of ambient folk hits in a college rock world.
"This encore is for you."

01 Give Me The Music
02 Waltzing (personal favourite)
03 Encore (personal favourite)
04 Time To Love
05 Changed
06 Marching Band (personal favourite)
07 Missin' You
08 Smell Of Rain
09 Enough (personal favourite)
10 That's Alright
11 A Prayer

(Sorry, this album is no longer available for download here)

Masa and Cherish -- Live (video)
(Click on video to download)

All songs written, performed, and arranged by Masa, with the following exceptions:
A Prayer written and sung by Cherish.
Waltzing and Smell of Rain co-written and sung by Cherish.
Time to Love sung by Gabe McNair.
Piano in Changed by Michael Fogarty.
Album cover by Joe Amaranthine.

Burst level 8.5 (of 10).

Love, Joe.