Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bitterlind Syndrome

(ML 32:7)
JENNY LIND, THE FAMOUS SWEDISH NIGHTINGALE, was considered one of the greatest popular singers of her day. Her music teacher said, "Jenny, you've got everything to make you the world's greatest singer, but one thing!" "What in the world is that?" she asked. "I practice all day long, and you say I have tremendous range, versatility, and talent! What haven't I got?" "To make you a truly great singer", he replied, "you have to have a broken heart!" So he thereupon proceeded to break it for her! She fell in love with him, and he jilted her. Then she began to sing from her heart!--The songs she sang became her own--songs of loneliness and tears--not just a collection of words and music--but it was her own heart cry!

Yes, that's a beautiful story, but what about the music teacher? Oh, he was villified and demonized in all her songs hence, when she failed to recognize the favour he was doing her. Also, from then on she was a b%$@** to every other guy she ever met, even causing a few to actually die of broken hearts. Hopefully this got back to the music teacher, to which he probably rolled his eyes.

I'm telling you people, it's all in the way you look at things. Are you a jerk? Or a music teacher?



At 9:17 pm, Anonymous mom said...

That is hilarious! What a wonderful story! Good for you!

Love you lots! (Are you a music teacher too?)


At 9:18 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

no mom i'm not, i'm just a jerk
love u!

At 4:22 am, Anonymous Neo said...

About time we knew the truth.

At 5:50 pm, Blogger mClay said...

Hey your mom IS "super smart!!
so this post is a little evil, what put you on this train of thot. ummm...no one likes it...and it's fabricated too, for all we know there were likely TONES of music teachers who stiffed her so she just started shutting them out and focusing on her broken heart singing skills.
Hey maybe you should make a nice post about Jenny!!Her broken heart singing skills proly helped way more ppl then she hurt:D

At 5:46 am, Anonymous Nobody said...

Forgive me but I don't get the point to this rant -or better said the punchline question at the end. Are you defending him, or surprised that she became so bitter or what? He was a bit of a jerk and she was a bit of a jerk. So was Van Gogh, Edith Piaf, etc. These people’s lunatic asshattery helped them leave their mark, even if it was at the expense of their happiness. C’est la vie.

Since I don't get your take on the story I'll just say mine:
I've heard several fellows identify with the music teacher and wonder why the people they've hurt can't turn around and convert that pain into a beautiful beauty-for-ashes thing. They think they were just an instrument and stepping stone in the hands of the Lord, who meant for them to crush some flower into beautiful perfume.
Well, I say that that is a dangerous and potentially wicked position to put yourself in. The Lord never encourages us to break other people's hearts or bring out their sweet perfume of sorrow. That's His job. If He chooses to use one of us/you to help Him do that job it better be 100% from His doing and idea, not yours.

Of course, everyone makes mistakes and hurts people unintentionally. What gets me about this story is that if the guy did it on purpose, he was a pretty presumptuous asshole. At least there was a worthwhile outcome to his arrogance (although who knows if she found it worthwhile), but unfortunately such is not the case with most jerks.
En fin.

At 1:39 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

i'm sorry if u've been burned, flower. i don't really have a point. the way grandpa puts it 'so he thereupon proceeded to....' it sounds like both mr. garcia and grandpa himself feel as if jenny was being dealt a grand favour that really put her on top in life.

i guess my point is i am sick of these ppl who can 'never love again' and refuse to get close to ppl because once upon a time such and such happened. --like dear jenny, as the record of her life will show. there is a way jesus wants u 2 respond 2 this, and it's NOT going thru life wrecking ppl's heads right and left and causing fire and frostbite wherever u turn. that's missing the point of the entire experience and, i may be presumptuous and i'm not god but, it's probably gonna have 2 KEEP happening 2 u, until u GET the point.

as far as my question at the end, it means i refuse to see only one side to ANY story...........there are always 2 stories and usually 50/50 fault. so stop blaming the men in ur life and start looking in the mirror at the impossible person u've become. THAT'S the only way to learn.

that and, i have a saying: never blame the man. it's a good saying.....

At 1:57 pm, Anonymous danny said...

hehe nice try joe but:
1. this debate isn't that good
2. I think it's finished now

At 1:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I disagree!
(started again)

At 9:54 am, Blogger Neo said...

There are always 3 sides to the story.
On the one hand it made her sing with all her heart. (Though really, how many of you have actually even heard any of her songs or were moved by them?)
On the other hand, ruining her life caused her to ruin the lives of many others.

So was it right for Mr Teacher to do what he did?

At 12:55 pm, Blogger Schwartzie said...

Maybe the teacher never really meant to break her heart, but was just really turned off by her apparent lack of good looks when she tried to take their pupil/teacher relationship to the next level.

You gotta pity the poor guy--having to jilt his adoring female students was probably standard procedure, something he ritually underwent every couple weeks, or as often as a new one would start taking lessons. Dear Jenny Lind was most likely just another statistic, except she started singing good because of it.


All in all, Joe's saying is one to stand by: Don't blame the guy!

At 9:06 am, Anonymous AudioGuru said...

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