Sunday, November 27, 2005


I chatted with a beautiful woman the other day.
Beautiful in mind.
For one.
Thought you should know.
Look around you. Think of the people you don't like. Or, not necessarily don't like, just don't care for. Maybe you are disgusted by a part of them. Maybe they represent something to you that you want to distance yourself from. What will it take to get you to look past that, get close to them? It is surprising what you can find when your mind is ambushed and stripped of its bias.
Say something happens. I don't want to be morbid, but for example say their mother dies and they are mourning. Say you see them crying in their room one day and you roll your eyes but allow compassion to glaze your indifference. So you go in, sit beside them.
And you do not find the person you disliked. That person never existed, except in your psyche. Maybe in a facade they painted out front with two coats of forced self-assurance. Fronts are water based though, and easily swept away by a shower or a scrub.
(Tears or interest.)
But under the veneer there is a jewel. A missing part of your life.
Maybe not your whole life, maybe just a current part.
But just think if that person's mother had not died. Would you walk around the rest of your life with an ice wall of misperception? Or would you find a miraculous other way to operate on your cataracts? Does it always take mothers dying?
I found a jewel the other day. And I found I had cataracts. They were removed, I hope, and her mother is still alive. That was an example, not reality. It did take something though. And it made me think. What if the crisis had not happened? What if the piece of her that was ripped away had not been? Would I still be blind, heartless? Does it always take blood spilt to melt ice? How many other glaciers do I have?



At 6:12 am, Blogger crazynik said...

We all have glaciers in our life. Sad but true
The saddest is when it takes a personal tradgedy for it to awaken our concern or personal interest in a person.
Good post. Got me thinking

At 4:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

whose mom died???...just kidding i know what you mean.........anyway's take care mister Joe......I'm prayin for u!



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