Sunday, April 25, 2010

So Last Night Was Healthy After All

(This from a book summary posted on Mama's site, making it a current official part of the Family canon)

There is now considerable scientific evidence for the health benefits of alcohol. Mindful of the social and health effects of alcoholism, public health authorities are loath to recommend drinking, but the fact is that people who drink moderately and regularly live longer and suffer considerably less heart disease than teetotalers. Alcohol of any kind appears to reduce the risk of heart disease, but the polyphenols in red wine (resveratrol in particular) may have unique protective qualities. Most experts recommend no more than two drinks a day for men, one for women. Also, the health benefits of alcohol may depend as much on the pattern of drinking as on the amount: Drinking a little every day is better than drinking a lot on the weekends, and drinking with food is better than drinking without it.



At 1:44 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

heh heh,
Love you, Mom

At 11:28 am, Anonymous hi said...

Why is it a "current official part of the Family canon" just cause it was on Mama's site?

At 3:53 pm, Anonymous Lucy said...

Joe, I should like to get to know you. I'm a member but I've never met you and am intrigued by your outspokenness...

At 8:50 am, Blogger Amanda Rudow said...

You don't have to post this comment, I just don't have your email address (for obvious reasons).

I accept your apology, and if you were indeed the one who beat me to the punch and hacked into Mark's account to delete his blog, then well done, you. Although I would have enjoyed doing it myself.

Also, I appreciate that you've sort of changed your tune regarding detractors. Your blog has a large base of readers, and it's nice to see that you are no longer posting ignorant, abrasive content available for all to read like you were before. I'm sure I'm not alone in appreciating this, either.

Amanda Rudow

At 9:03 am, Blogger Amaranthine said...

wait a minute........delete mark's blog?? i'm far 2 stupid 2 hack anything......sounds 2 me like he did it himself 4 some reason....not sure

haaaha detractors? ignorant? abrasive? me?
thing is, i probably still have ignorant and abrasive moments, just like b4.......maybe i am learning not 2 post these moments online 4 every1 2 see. especially when frustrated with 1 or 2 ppl, u don't want ppl 2 come back and misinterpret it years down the line.

anyway, i think detractors are hot hot hot


At 4:32 am, Anonymous hi said...

who's "Saints of Valory"?

At 8:29 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

gavin, gerardo, godfrey

At 10:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 6:59 pm, Anonymous drav said...

I'm sure this sort of thing has been written in some 80s MO letter. I remember.. or at least I think I do.

At 4:44 am, Blogger Thinking Christians said...

If you aren't young, ignorant, illiterate, arrogant, and idiotic then you have no business re ading Joes blog. This blog is a spiritual and intellectual wasteland. Joe's thoughts are like poorly processed terds that somehow cheated the honest and correct process of even the most foul ways of thinking. Even toilets will close their lids to the content of this blog. Only the internet and a few of the most lost and troubled children with no guiding stars in their skies will be the subjects of Joe's infection. If the internet had hands they would rip its own pages apart and coterize the server that was so defiled by Joe.

Stare straight into the sun children, stare until your eyes are blind. Relinquish your sight to prevent the accidental glace at a word created by Joe's acursed mind.

At 9:35 am, Blogger Dave said...

This comment has been removed by the author.


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