Tuesday, October 16, 2007

a Polka for the People

A collection of some of the most beautiful ballads I have yet to hear--poignant and aptly touching in such beauty-for-ashes times as these. Masa's quivering, highly-charged tenor cuts straight past the skin to the heart and pierces into even that, while Cherish rounds off the ardour with an innocent and playful, yet extraordinarily competent, cultured touch.

The amazing thing about these is that most of them were originally meant to be quick, exclusively demo tracks, with little thought toward the clamorous competition of contemporary music, despite the sheer uncommon genius of the songs themselves, as well as the quality and distinction of the guitar accompaniment. They quickly caught on, however--hands in their pockets, whistling as they strolled up the charts--the rare gems of ambient folk hits in a college rock world.
"This encore is for you."

01 Give Me The Music
02 Waltzing (personal favourite)
03 Encore (personal favourite)
04 Time To Love
05 Changed
06 Marching Band (personal favourite)
07 Missin' You
08 Smell Of Rain
09 Enough (personal favourite)
10 That's Alright
11 A Prayer

(Sorry, this album is no longer available for download here)

Masa and Cherish -- Live (video)
(Click on video to download)

All songs written, performed, and arranged by Masa, with the following exceptions:
A Prayer written and sung by Cherish.
Waltzing and Smell of Rain co-written and sung by Cherish.
Time to Love sung by Gabe McNair.
Piano in Changed by Michael Fogarty.
Album cover by Joe Amaranthine.

Burst level 8.5 (of 10).

Love, Joe.



At 3:56 am, Blogger Cephas said...

Haha. It's kinda weird to first hear about an album produced in your country from someone halfway around the world, but I enjoyed the smooth review.
Though I'm not sure if it's the same recording, I really enjoyed Changed and Time to Love from their GP albums. I looking forward to hearing the rest.
Thanks for releasing it, Joe.

At 4:22 am, Blogger Masa said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 10:20 am, Blogger The Wittle One said...

Well, I'm on the first minute of the first song, and I already know it's going to be on my "Frequently Played list."

Thanks for being humble Masa, it makes me happy! :)

At 10:41 am, Blogger drav said...

Oh wow,waltz music!

its like me all of a sudden producing banda!

thanks masa and joe,Ill download these..

At 10:56 am, Blogger The Wittle One said...

Do we get lyrics :D

At 12:35 pm, Blogger kathy said...

i really like it!!! masa, you have a really nice voice. i loved "missing you"! beautiful lyrics. keep it up!

At 4:35 pm, Anonymous gavin said...

pretty good stuff. i love the way its not rock ha! this guy has a lot of talent. plays real good and the girl sings great. the people here in the home really enjoyed it. nice music to go to sleep too.

At 4:35 pm, Anonymous gavin said...

he lives with fogarty?
first time a hear a country song by a young person
nice stuff

At 7:23 pm, Blogger Mika said...

No one is gonna laugh at you masa! everyone loves you!! hey you actually named that song eh? the "missing you" one, or did it already have a title, and Im just jidaiokure? ahahah aishitemasu!!

At 7:59 pm, Blogger drav said...

"gavin dijo...

he lives with fogarty?
first time a hear a country song by a young person
nice stuff"

think so.

yup,all those young ones are into rock and such ;)

At 4:06 am, Blogger Elaina said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 4:09 am, Blogger Elaina said...

It's about time, Moff!
That's my talented family, people.
TYJ that I can be cool by association!!
Masa, Enough, and Missin You are very Nice. BUt where is Serenity??

At 6:55 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

whats with the nasty downloading speed?

At 12:44 pm, Anonymous florecita said...

hey where did my comment go?

I love the sweedish midgets or whatever they are. It's such a cute album, and adds a nice variety in the styles we usually hear.
Some parts reminded me of the soundtrack of lost in translation... and I mean that in the BEST way possible. Japan has some cool sounds.

PS to whoever threatened to make banda music: GO FOR IT! Just you wait and see, there will be cumbias villeras coming your way some day soon. :p

At 2:47 am, Blogger Jesse S. Pritchard said...

Two favorites:

1. Time To love
2. Marching band

Masa you're a talented producer.

At 9:59 am, Anonymous Joanes said...

Mas is pretty much the only guy I know that sings with a great amount of passion and emotion. Pretty amazing, with just a first listen to a few songs, I got all cozzy inside. "enough" touched my heart to tears...sanks for being a chupid-messenger masa. I really needed it. You da best!

"Enough", "missing you", "give me the Music" my absolute favorite out of all songs. "waltzing" brings out that Cherish all the way, for sures. (tee hee) But I remember her voice being more deeper. (ooh hey guys, she's only 17!!!)

And joe...masa is super handsome, whats up with making his eyebrows go ultra bushy? Thanks for putting the songs up...even if you beat me to it first. (haha)

We need to hear more from this gabe mcnair guy....si? si!
And yea, serenity and junkfood needs to get up there too. (hahah)

At 6:11 pm, Blogger Mika said...

yeah Junk food!!! thats like masa at his best! ahahah

At 11:53 am, Blogger CurlyCel said...

I can't download more than one...is it just me? (Let me guess, yes?)

At 1:34 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Masa i love your music it's great
i basically love all of them.....The first time i listened to"missing you" i cried it touched my hearts strings.
I go through the wholle album and i stop only at the ones that i like which is almost every single one. then i put it on replay and listen to it untill i'm full of it. then i muve on to the next favourite and listen to that one again again and again.
I just love ,Missing you ,Give me the music,Enough ,Encore ,Time to love ,Marching band.Anyway never give up just keep composing......cause you have loads of talent..

At 8:17 am, Anonymous Santi said...

can't download them anymore :( it says that "The file either does not exist or this member
has violated the Terms of Service and his account has been terminated"
any input as to why?

At 9:09 am, Blogger drav said...

Joe has used up more than 100 mb.Now the files are deleted

use rapidshare FTW!!!

At 11:25 am, Anonymous Administrator said...

Thanks every1 for ur support. With nearly 1000 downloads in the first 4 days... ur support exceeded my bandwidth, and my account was terminated.

Anyway, it's fixed now. Please feel free 2 keep on downloading! Download ur hearts out!

Elaina: Serenity is already widely available, and so I didn't include it in this collection.

Joanes: The cover was made from 1 of the pictures I was given 2 work with. I didn't do any feature editing on his face!

Cel: U should be able 2 download them all........try it again! Or, u've got them by now, right?

Masa: U wanna come out here and wave a bit 4 these guys? lv u man, thanks 4 ur music, i really really appreciate it, and i'm glad we could give every1 a chance 2 see it 4 themselves....thanks.

Love, Joe.

At 11:57 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why can't I download the video clip??? It said that the file either does not exist or you have violated the Terms of Service and your account has been terminated....can you pls fix that????

At 4:50 pm, Blogger CurlyCel said...

Yes, thank you Joe! It works! :D

At 5:25 pm, Blogger Masa said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 10:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And he's so handsome too :)

At 10:19 am, Anonymous Administrator said...

There! The video clip is now fixed! Download, download!

(just not all thousand of you guys at once)

Love, Joe.

At 5:26 pm, Anonymous Pon said...

Thanks Joe!! ur da best

At 5:53 am, Blogger Neo said...

If you're overbering on Amaranthine's account, you can download the songs from my blog, its got unlimited -even in the thousands!

At 6:35 pm, Blogger Michelle said...

Whoa,"Give me the music" just about has the most soul ever. "Marching band" just makes me smile. "Enough", the title says it.
Masa, you've been through so much. I think it comes out in your songs. Don't give up. You're speaking to everyone.
I can't thank you enuf for the time you were there for me in Japan. It will always amaze me how God used you right at that moment.
You will make a woman mighty happy someday...find thee a wife! Hehe

At 9:40 am, Blogger Neo said...

He's doing pretty well for himself....

At 10:16 am, Anonymous charlie said...

i love his music...like encore, missing you, changed and give me the music are soo cool....like i listen to them 5 times each day..

At 10:47 pm, Anonymous gavin said...

I'M A DORK!!!!

At 11:52 am, Blogger David. said...

hey, silents brothers! how sings the track 09 Enough (personal favourite)??? please, I need 2 know...

At 12:53 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

how sings? not sure i understand ur question.... sorry.....

At 9:11 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm really too late here! Anybody got any idea how I can get ahold of the album and the video?

A desperate FGA!!!

At 2:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sure, email me at pamelachild01@gmail.com and I will send them to you.


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