Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Praise Time: Songwriting! (How-To's). Part One: With A Quack

Praise time: Songwriting!
(DISCLAIMER: You don't have to be a musical Home to do this praise idea!)
* Put together a list of song titles. Kids' songs or very common praise songs are ideal. Below is a list of song ideas.
* Divide your Home into a few groups of 2-5 people, depending on the size of your Home. Cut out the song titles and place them in a hat or bowl.
* Have each group pick out a song title and give them 3-5 minutes to come up with praise words that fit the tune of the song they chose.
* Have each team take turns presenting their praise song to the Home.

Part One: With A Quack

First of a 3 part series. Stay tuned for the next juicy episode!



At 6:56 pm, Anonymous mom said...

Thanks for the nice praise ideas, maybe we'll try it, though we aren't SO musical here. (A little Beijing opera style praise anyone?)

At 4:54 am, Anonymous Reina said...

amusing if nothing else.

At 8:15 pm, Anonymous david said...

cool song fisher how long did you have to think it up

At 10:20 am, Anonymous aiko said...

That is so cute! Must try this one. Thanks.

At 1:35 pm, Blogger Santi said...

hey! it's awesome, will keep it in mind for future inspirations for sure :P tx for the tip!

At 8:25 pm, Blogger CurlyCel said...

I'm interested in seeing the other ones. :)


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