Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I'm not going to vouch for this "album," simply because, to be quite honest, I don't yet like it. There are very good reasons but I'll leave it at that.
I will direct link you to it, for those willing and adventurous enough to venture forward in the name of new Family music.
I am posting these direct links, 1: because they are there, and 2: because maybe enough people sitting through 2 hours of similar sounding, 10 minute-each "demos" will inspire these guys to actually record something real. Informed of their situation (different locations, busy), I still know they can do better. You get 4 talented European musicians together and you dress them in robes with hoods, give'm the balls enough to go out on stage in front of hundreds of people like that--AND YOU'VE ALREADY GOT CHEMISTRY! It's there! --Just waiting for a little kick in the ...impetus get things started.

I hereby give you: Ethereal, The Album


Art Of Dependence
Blood Of My Eyes
Fill Me
Fly To Fall
Give Us Our Sons
Pitiful World
The Mystery
You Are Mine

Love, Joe.

Since a few comments have been made to the effect of, "Okay, their music isn't that great, but they sure are fun live," --in their defense, I would like to share that live experience with you!

Ethereal, live at EuRoCk.



At 4:08 pm, Anonymous Babyfreespirit said...

i have to say i agree with you , I know them and 2 of them are friends and when I watched them at EuRoCk and they asked me what i thought all i could muster was a resounding WHY! enuff said

At 9:20 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

um yeah they suck but ur no one to talk.

At 12:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 1:07 pm, Anonymous Mancer said...

Since I know and love them, seeing them in sheets singing a very new brand of family music was a ton of fun.

I'm sure if I knew you in the same way I could find your music enjoyable.

Maybe this is a situation of, "love me love my dog"

that being said..isn't this all just a wee bit unloveing, I know I'm not one to talk.
but it is a point

At 1:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They have sheets.
what do you have?

At 1:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

since your so cool Joe why don't you show us some real music!!!!!

think before you talk!!

At 2:00 pm, Blogger Luca said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 2:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Mancer.
sometimes just the fact that you know someone and you can see the effort put in to it and the fun they and the fun they gave everyone at EUROCK makes you appreciate it and them. Were you at Eurock? maybe you pray before you say statements like that. I dont think the point is to belittle and put down other musicians but to be thankful there are guys out there who try to make our music fun and enjoyable. also..the sarcasm in your post sux.

At 2:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

might want to check up on who the musicians are..those songs arent even from the 4 of them but 2..
do your homework before putting up links and assuming you know all about a band and members who you know nothing about. kinda puts you in a dumb light but hey...

At 2:19 pm, Anonymous Emo Punk Is Dead said...

Not only does your sarcasm suck but you, your music and your puny, jealous attempts to put down someone who has the guts to try something new. Yes, I'm not the greatest fan of their music, but I REALLY enjoyed the show at Eurock. They were fun!

Oh well, there will always be people like you, who try to kill novelty cuz it's "too new", from the Pharisees which crucified Jesus, to the people that tortured Galileo for saying the world was round, to the idiot who turned Pink Floyd down for a record deal cuz "their music was too weird". Bet he's crying now.

Yes Joe, keep up the good work. "Emo Punk", or whatever you call that c**p you try and record, is dead.

At 3:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're really pushing it. i've kept silent on this blog so far, but to hear you diss these guys...
ok so they're not the greatest band in the world, maybe because their singers have always sucked. but their music is very good, some real professionals there, the drumming superb, and their get-up at the 2nd eurock was blessedly original. i haven't stooped to diss your music yet but really man, singing is the LAST thing you should be doing with your life, not to mention your crummy lyrics and badly structured music. and who the hell is ben dover? i mean, seriously!

At 3:54 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

Okay, you need to stop posting now. You're making the Italy stats on my counter shoot through the roof. Do you think you could find something more fulfilling to do?

As far as these songs and my opinions of them, no sarcasm is being used. I am genuine in saying that you guys HAVE SOMETHING. You have a good idea, and you need to run with it. The only thing I am demeaning and belittling is your procrastination (and I would call it constructively criticizing, with the goal of betterment). You need to either do your thing or not do it. None of this halfway stuff.

The tone of this post is positive and supportive in case you haven't noticed. What I am saying, briefly, is that I like the idea, am willing to help promote it in the name of new Family music, but that as of yet I have not found a taste for the style. My reason for posting, once again, is not to bash you, but to remind you that this was a good start that needs some building on.
Stop being sensitive about things. Gosh.

Love, Joe.

Now, "Cry of Beirut" I WOULD vouch for.

At 5:29 pm, Blogger Florence said...

I don't get it. We're not supposed to be unloving in the Family...but when we read something a little unloving on someone's blog we're allowed to be as unloving as we want?

At 6:33 pm, Blogger CurlyCel said...

Hmmm...well, I know both parties here (Ethereal and Joe) and I think just as Mancer said, you need to know the person(s) to make a statement.

Joe, statements like this - coming from you - don't sound very fair though. In all honesty you have a very original style and I can't say I like it very much, personally, just like there are some very popular singers in the Family who really irritate me, but who others love. Its cool you promote new Family music, but just 'cause its "your blog" doesn't really give you free rein to diss people with such statements. - You know better than that.

In Joe's defense though, he is all about getting new Family music out there, and though he's not the best at how he expresses himself (sorry Joe, but I think you have to agree), I don't know that there has to be such sensitivity about it.

Ethereal, you're all hot guys (and I mean very hot), you have TONS of talent, don't let it get to you. - Who cares if Joe likes you or not? I like you! :P

At 7:14 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

...and that's what I'm trying to find out. What exactly was "dissing" about that post? --Honestly? I wanted to do them a favour by passing it on, but without people thinking that I liked it. I only said complimentary things about the people themselves. My one negative statement was very mild, descriptively justified--and self-explanatory when you hear the songs.
Truth is, this is something they NEED to hear. They don't need to hear compliments from friends because that will be misleading. If you hear these songs, you will understand. When I was first playing around with music, a lot of cruel (justified, but un-prayed-about) comments were what helped me to stretch myself and improve. This is a very prayed about, constructive review of their work that will only help them if they can accept it.
We're not comparing my work with theirs. The function of the "critic" is not to "do better" than the artist, it is to lay out reality through different eyes, encourage them in their strong points, point out their weak ones--and above all, to help generate publicity for their work, with the end goal of attracting sufficient people to them that they have to either improve or maybe stop. That is exactly what I am hoping to do with this post. If they accept it for what it is intended to be--not a personal attack, but a helpful gesture from a would-be admirer... well, that would be meeting halfway, and we could really make progress.

Love, Joe.

At 7:31 pm, Blogger CurlyCel said...

I think "molasses" might have been a bit much. - But maybe others saw more to it than that, I don't know. - Personally I got a bit of a critical vibe from it, and I'm not even personally affected by it. - But again, that's just me, and I might just be seeing one side of this "elephant".

I know you got tons of criticism about your music (and still do it seems - lol), but my impression is that you're the type of person that welcomed that criticism - I heard you literally asked people to tear it apart so you could get input, and I think that's rather professional and shows a desire to imrove. - So hats off to you.

I know too you were not posting this with ill intentions, but my point is that using "derogatory names" is, sure, what critics might use, but we're not critics in that way. ;)

Yes, we need to realize that if we're going to put music out there then we need to be acceptant of the criticism, take it or leave it and not get all sensitive about it, but there is a way to do it that's professional about it, in what is our Family life-style.

You say this was a prayed through post, well, so be it, but I have a bit of a hard time seeing the Lord telling you to call their music style molasses. - Again though, just my personal thoughts.

I don't agree with people acting up and making derogatory comments towards you in return, but really...I do think you can do better than that with your criticism (however professional). - As in, not needing to include "names" and perhaps leaving it at the actual tactical points...I don't know, I personally think you can do better.

At 8:36 pm, Anonymous Dave said...

The clip is certainly entertaing in that it's a bit different from the norm,I don't think I've ever seen a band dressed in sheets before.

At 10:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

for a Family band they're not bad at all!

At 1:49 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just take it for what it is Joe and stop trying to justify with big words and long have your music and they have theirs..fair enough.
I thot they were hot in their sheets, esp the drummer and bass player. Originality is their forte.
I totally agree with curly girl
and florence, bit unloving is not really how it was..i take it you know/live with Mr. administrator. everyone has their opinion.

At 4:27 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

whatever, joe, your not one to go judging what kinda music style is better then others, cause for your information there are things called taists and diff ppl like diff things, so its kinda stupid or should i say imature of you to go putting down another band, who for one are kinda new, they rock, and im saying it out of no sence being a great fan, but i heard ur music and didn't hear anything to highly of it from others or from myself, so best keep your comments to yourself and enjoy all the new styles that come up!

At 5:33 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Halelujah for debates...some ppl just ask for it..PTL!

At 10:50 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

snicker snicker...I dislike ethereal's music with all my heart but really Joe i used to think you where just some guy with strange music tastes and abit to little talent but now I'm truly convinced you really are abit messed up.
but hey wtv makes you happy it's all good..peace and love.

At 5:50 pm, Anonymous Florence said...

Oh no, no, I don't live with administrator.
I'm not trying to mediate the argument and say "Okay, here's how it is, Joe was unloving, etc..."
I just think it's interesting how so many people feel justified in making mean(er) comments in response to something they may have thought was a little mean. So they're punishing the perceived "meanness" with...worse meanness?
I don't understand the logic, that's all. Is Joe supposed to read snide comments of rebuke and glean positive, helpful shepherding from them? What's constructive about writing comments like "you're messed up", "not only does your sarcasm suck, but you, your music..."
WHAT'S THE POINT??? Are you hoping that members of the band will feel proud and vindicated when they read the comments every "anonymous" person posted in their defense?
I like curlycel's comment. It's good. It's constructive. It's objective. It makes sense. It's constrained by the love of Christ. It sounds godly. Mancer's is good too.
But the rest of you are offering nothing but mud slung by a person with no name.

At 1:42 am, Anonymous wraf said...

erm.. why did u call this "The Album"... this is not any album of any sort... these are old demos that's on their website... Though Ethereal IS working on a new album that's better recorded... and only a few of these songs are included... tho did u get permission to post these here???

At 3:15 am, Anonymous Bree said...

as anonymous wrote, Florence..everyone has their own opinion.
i doubt ethereal wanted old demos posted..
might be nice to ask first.

At 3:37 am, Blogger Neo said...

The funny thing about this is that everyone is all wrapped up in a discussion about "unloving comments" about our wonderful Family music. This is strange to me. I myself run a site that is totally dedicated to music, and i too have to deal with my fiar share of "unloving comments". The solution: DELETE THEM!!!! There will always be rats in the woodpile and wolves in sheeps clothing. Now, of course, everyone is entitled to thier own tastes. But if your tatses are negative, don't say it, Or just keep it to a "I don't like this style so much" kind of thing. I mean, for God's sake, why should we be bashing those people who are trying to get the heavenly music out to us? What is the purpose of that? Lets just get back to the Lord.

About Ethereal, I have only ever heard one of their songs before, and I though it was not bad at all. Their white robes & hoods is avery cool thing. So different from the norm. All I can say is GOD BLESS THEM! And thank you Amaranthine for posting these links. I've wanted this stuff for a long time.

At 5:40 am, Anonymous Gina said...

I think this is a an example of what not to do. Posting things like this not only is unedifying but then it starts pathetic debates with mean words getting thrown around. If its not loving and doesnt lift up the lord and your fellow man, but just puts down others, then its a bunch of wasted time. Tho Florence has a point with the anonymous mud slinging, I think this other side of the coin is very takes two to tango.
I see that Joe has changed his original post...GBY.
Let's just be loving people and lift each other up.

At 6:02 am, Anonymous can i be an eternal flower too? said...

groovy groovy...this is sad, amaranthine vs. ethereal..i would have though of all family bands you would have found the most in common with these guys..."2 hours of similar sounding, 10(3 is bad enough from you) minute-each "demos"."?...

now i dont like ethereal is the slightest have no idea how my eyes smart when pitiful world is played and i erupt into fits of laughter. i have no doubts that they are not a highly complimented band...but i will side with them now because to hear someone like you dissing other peoples demos(demo being the key word) and speaking about their need to expand and improve...cmon dude?? get real...really,next time you want to diss some crap music turn off your monitor for 10 seconds, and look at your reflection ...then it really your place to judge music?...sorry but sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to i wont diss your musical efforts however sonicly abusive they may be. but a little humility on your part wouldnt nessacarily be out of place..this blog seems to be reeking with your obnoxious attitude latly...but hey, at least its getting popular...

all in all dont worry bout it though. im sure your friends still love you and the rest of us all long to be as beutifull and unfading as amaranthine(lol dude get a name change)

At 6:28 am, Anonymous Florence said...

I don't like this "everyone has their own opinions" thing. It looks like a disease to me. It sounds like Lethargy. Is that the processed answer to anyone who is presenting a sincere or "spiritual" viewpoint? I've been hearing a lot of it lately. It sounds like people get embarrassed for me when I try to make comments to lead people back to the right priorities. Is that because being serious and sincere is translated into having "no sense of humor"?
My point wasn't about anyone's opinions at all. I didn't even comment on a single opinion. Curlycel and Mancer's advice to Joe wasn't about opinions either. Nobody's barring opinions, especially not on this blog. Nobody's barring opinions seeped in garbage and malice, either--although I sometimes wish they would. Why should we have to read open slander, of anyone, much less a fellow Family member? How can we let ourselves type these insults? It's much worse than just saying them, because now they're in writing for everyone to read verbatim over and over--for everyone to wallow in. I won't pretend that I don't think of saying evil, mean, clever things to someone I dislike, or who got me in a sensitive spot, or who said something a little critical about something I or my friends did, but I try hard not to say those things, as anyone does. I think TYPING them and clicking the "Yes I for SURE want to post this comment!" button is going one step further, expending even MORE effort and time. It doesn't make sense to me that people would post comments of words that they would have the wisdom not to say in real life. Where in the Word, or in ANY kind of secular literature, for that matter, does it say that the things we say on the Internet are to be taken at 50% the value of things we actually say?
THAT. Is what I have an objection to. Not opinions.

At 8:07 am, Anonymous Administrator said...

Celeste, you're right--I tried to edit accordingly.

Wraf: There we go! Now THAT'S the REAL issue. That's what really should be talked about. Here is my viewpoint.
The links that I have posted are links to their website. I didn't re-post the songs anywhere. I didn't move them, I didn't touch them or steal them or anything. I am just posting links to them so people who want to may get them. I believe that is still ethical (stay tuned for a more extensive post on ethics and pirates and all that comes with that).

eternal flower guy: dude, this is not amaranthine vs. ethereal or anybody. this is amaranthine supporting ethereal, just like my critics support me when they mention things. Don't try to make this introspective in any way because I am not buying it.

Florence: that's exactly right, and a good lesson. thank you!

Love, Joe.

At 12:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ILY Florence! Your cool in my books. It's been proven in many studies regarding ethics in cyberspace that people are lot less considerate and careful about their words when posting things online anonymously or with pseudonyms. Most would not say the same things to your face but when online they'll let it all hang out and be surprisingly rude and uncouth. I think its very admirable if ppl stay mature and prayerful when posting stuff, as well as keeping in mind the quote, "Words are real things. They bless or they curse; they lift up or they knock down" and the verse, "for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment." So while it may seem like just a useless, meaningless word or words, someone types in some unimportant text box, on some random website, to be sent off somewhere unknown in the world, and then forgotten, will actually live on causing some effect in someone else's life and at the same time, if it was designed to hurt or tear down, come back to haunt the owner in the next life. By our words we will be justified or condemned.
--Rubiks Cube

At 2:06 pm, Blogger kathy said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 2:12 pm, Blogger kathy said...

i like the ethereal...

because my brothers the grovy drummer.

because david is sexy!

because marco is an amaizing guitarist.

because james is coool.

and i think david has a great voice actaully, and when him and marco sing together it sounds super duper good. esp pityful world....i love'em.
not to say your music isnt good joe, just everyone has different tastes.:)

At 2:52 pm, Anonymous Rach said...

I agree with Gina, best to avoid posting posts that reflect negatively on others in any way..pray before you say..or in this case..before you post.

At 2:56 pm, Anonymous Marco (thethereal) said...

From marco (thethereal)
haha its hilarious ppl reading all this is just so funny. now i would like to leave a disclaimer to those of you who have decided to judge our music and style by the ghost tracks posted on our radio. now some of you might want to know the meaning of ghost track. a ghost track is a very quickly done production of a song that is made with the purpose of giving the idea of the style of it. nothing else. these 13/14 songs were all recorded in like 3 days maximum.
and to all of you who seem to want to find out who's right and who's wrong i would say that everyone has their likings, i know many people that love our style. i know many people who don't like our style. i know many people who hate our style. now that is just part of life. now joe, in my life i decided to serve the lord and try to learn as much from life. im a busy man i have responsibilities and lessons to learn. and when i really don't have anything else to do with my time the first thing that crosses my mind is "let me go practice so i can improve my music" and even though there are a lot of family bands which i don't personally listen or enjoy listening, i don't think that wasting time to write bad things about them will make my music sound better. come on man there's a whole world waiting there to be saved. go save them. bless u man. and since this gossip situation has made us very famous i would like to tell everyone that by the end of june the first professional album should be up with new songs so yeah keep checking on the site

At 3:04 pm, Anonymous Claire said...

Marco, well said..
hope you're doing good..Italy misses you!!!
hope to see you again soon. keep up the good work!!

At 3:38 pm, Blogger kathy said...

ben detto, marco.

At 3:27 am, Anonymous wraf said...

well said marco.. looking foward to your final product...

At 10:09 am, Blogger Neo said...

Ethereal is still cool. No matter what the critics say!

At 1:08 pm, Anonymous Bree said...

we all live and learn
quite the explanation Florence, I dont think you got what I meant but PTL, i'm not into continual debating and dissing
but hey i am sure some ppl needed to hear it

At 9:16 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

Kathy: OMG, the drummer's your brother? alright, cool guy. I like your family.

Marcos: Excellent. Well done, thank you for replying so maturely.

And actually those are the exact results I wanted from this. You hear that people? A brand new professional Family album..............
let's win that world.

Love, Joe.

At 10:38 pm, Blogger Neo said...

Whoo hooo!! That's more like it.

At 11:49 am, Anonymous kathy said...

yep he sure is.....

At 8:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

no better or worse than your album.

At 2:57 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the Ethereal are the worst band in the world and I'm glad they aren't going to Wordstock.But you are silly to post about them if you don't like them - leave them to the people who do like them. I think you need to grow up and get a life, I'm sure you could be doing better things with your time then this.

At 9:23 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

peoplz peoplz, lets stay positive.....and I think everything that needs to be said about this post has been said. comments like the above "Ethereal are the worst. band....I think you need to grow up and get a life, I'm sure you could be doing better things with your time then this." are not worth anyones time, stop draggin us through your own private negativity. Be happy, make love not war.

At 7:50 am, Anonymous Dan said...

I hate them! I'm a love-touting, freedom-spouting Child of God who loves everybody unconditionally but I would just like you, the world, to know of my burning hatred for both Amaranthine and Ethereal. And sheep. I hate sheep too.

You see, I too, was born in the Family and am still in TF. I believe in brotherhood and sisterhood and any other hood that may exist. I believe in kindness, goodness, and the Bible. Heck, I even believe that bin Laden may or may not be alive, either in or out of Afghanistan. With such pristine beliefs, I think I'm qualified to express myself in the most Christian of ways. I DESPISE ETHEREAL AND AMARANTHINE!!!

Yesterday, while spreading the Good News, I told somebody that I love ALL religions and cultures, including Harry Potter fans. I do! Because Jesus tells me to. And in being more like Jesus, I'd like to tell you all right now, lovingly and constructively, I LOATHE ETHEREAL AND AMARANTHINE AND I'D LIKE TO SELL THEM ON THE INTERNET TO THE IRANIANS!!!

Of course, I can say all this proudly because I spend 2 hours daily reading the Word, and I am an obeyer of the Word and a sample. Yes. A sample. This is why I am justified to discriminate against KKK-lookalike rock bands, emo duets with corny flowery names, and farm animals. And rap artists. I also hate rap artists (see Leviticus for a in-depth Biblical background on rap artists, Gentiles, and how to stone them and steal their cattle Mosaically).

The Bible predicts that in the last days there will be terrible bands. This occurs somewhere between famines and earthquakes and it will be quite calamitous. Apparently, STEM will be heavily involved along with other primordial music groups.

So, all you music lovers out there, take heart. Know that these are, indeed, the final signs, and that you don't have to worry about demos, punk rock, and (very evil) diminished scales. If you truly believe in God and LOVE your relatives (unless you're related to Marilyn Manson, in which case you're allowed to slightly dislike him) then please, I beseech you brethren, let us all speak the same voice in love and let's all say the same thing. Say it with me now, out loud, feet stomping is optional: "WE HATE YOU...(insert name of Family band that you would like to see in tears). Alright! I'll see you all later, I'm out to hit the streets with my guitar and my message.

At 8:04 am, Anonymous Administrator said...

haHA! i love it! beautiful! do all things in love--including hate! thanks for taking the time to write that masterpiece.

Love, Joe.

At 11:08 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daniel I heard your voice was just to die for. :P

At 1:30 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

By the way, for anyone who does not possess a sense of discerning humour, Dan is joking. He is making a point by stressing the opposite. Please refrain from being self-righteously offended. Love you!


At 3:34 pm, Anonymous Dan said...

Dan is horrified. Dan wishes to express diametrically opposed views from that of the administrator, Amaranthine (whom incidentally, Dan hates. Please refer to previous post for a Godly explanation.)
Dan was not joking. Dan was oh so serious and he'd like you to know that. So please. Be as self-righteously offended as you possibly can muster up, and if you can't, you can buy self-righteous/offended emotions on my site, which I'm NOT SHAMEFULLY ADVERTISING! repeat, (not promoting myself, I promise. Please leave a comment. It will be deleted.)

At 8:30 pm, Blogger thisisme said...

I'm glad I missed this whole controversy... honestly it both bores and sickens me. I didn't even read through half of it.

So many people screaming, "We hate Amaranthine" and the other side yelling back, "We hate Etheral" sounds alot like the pot calling the kettle black. Honestly, I'm not a fan of either band so I think I can make a fair, ubaised comment and say: "Really now, who cares."

So Joe dislikes Etheral's style of music.... whoop-de-bloody-la-da. Its his blog, let him say what he will on it. So long as it doesn't controvene the Word or the Charter he's entitled to his own opinion. So its different from yours, who cares? God-honest maturity is to respect anothers opinion and move on, regaurdless if you think its right or not.

No, I'm not trying to defend Joe's music. In fact, I'm firm in the belief that he should ditch singing and stick to maracas or some other nearly soundless instrument. (Sorry dude, its just my opinions.) But still, its not a matter of musical tastes, its a matter of maturity.

As a great writer once said, "If you do not like it, then let it alone. Some savor the meat, others love to pick the bone." In other words: what some people like other will not like, its just a fact of life, but its an apparant lack of maturity to go attacking others so vehementally for their opinions on so trivial a subject.

My two cents.

At 10:14 pm, Anonymous Steve said...

Dan, Brilliant. so brilliant. I must shield my eyes.
"The Bible predicts that in the last days there will be terrible bands. This occurs somewhere between famines and earthquakes and it will be quite calamitous."

At 3:44 am, Anonymous a gurl downunder said...

Ahahahaha those last comments are GREAT! Finally some people show us their ability to LIGHTEN UP, yay!! ...Life is too short to spend time being so negatively affected by every comment and post on someone's blog.

At 5:05 am, Anonymous Drew said...

woah, Dan..let's not go overboard here. it wears out the humor.
I dont think ppl will get self righteously offended Joe, seems you were the only one in the first place to get bent out of shape, but PTL.
I agree with thisisme, if joe wants to post posts such as this one, let him and go somewhere else.

At 10:32 pm, Anonymous Teresa said...

dan, no offense, but whoever you are your humour, or atleast the stuff here, is really queer, in other words, really needs help...

At 2:12 am, Blogger Neo said...

Dan, your junk is way to off-beat to even be remotely funny. Thou shalt not hate. Unless you want people to hate you.

At 6:33 am, Anonymous Anne Awnimus said...

This debate was pathetic. Im dissapointed in myself for reading it all, lol. My two cents is that Joe very lovingly said he wasnt a fan of this band, but is still trying to promote family music. Hes allowed to not like another band just because he makes music that some people dont like. Joe and Ben, when i first heard your music i really, really couldnt stand it.
But as i started to listen to it more i actually developed a taste for it and i REALLY love it, thank you for making it, dont stop just because of a few people who dont like it.
GBY!!! i love you Joe!!


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