Sunday, April 01, 2007

Let The Magic Begin

Because prayer is a dynamic of the spirit, it tends to conflict with the carnal mind. In the flesh you may see prayers as mere words uttered from your mouth; you don't always see the full effect of your prayers, especially when prayer has always been a part of your life. But if you'd look at prayer through the eyes of the spirit, you'd see the vast amount of heavenly magic that is at your fingertips, magic that turns prayers into reality, that makes the impossible very real and possible.

(What do You mean, magic?)

I am your Great Magician, with the greatest power ever known. In fact, you could never really know all of My power; that concept is beyond you. But what you sometimes neglect to see is that through your prayers you have access to that power. With a mere thought I can change the tides and seasons, give life, and create something from nothing. You are privileged to be able to tap into that power, but I must require some effort on your part. Prayer is that effort, it's the step that you must take that then enables My magic to come alive in your life and in the lives of those you pray for.

(Well, hey, if You're the greatest Magician, and our prayers can make impossible things happen, how come it takes so long for some miracles to come to pass? Why do I have to pray and pray and pray sometimes before I see it work?)

Remember that in Heaven time does not have the same constraints upon you, so what seems like an indefinite period of time for you, in Heaven could be an instant.

(Oh, that's pretty cool.)

You're limited by your carnal view on time, and one of the greatest lacks of humans is patience. You struggle all your lives to learn the meaning of patience. So when I say that prayer works miracles, you want to always see them happen right then, immediately, as much as possible. But in jumping to such conclusions you often miss all the workings that must go on behind the scenes in order for the miracle to come about.Although I can do the miracle magic in an instant, I must also, to a degree, work within the limitation of the physical world, so that not only do you receive the miracle you asked for, but all things are then set in place for greater miracles to come. And through the process you and those you pray for are strengthened and taught lessons in spirit.

(So it's like one of those domino things, just weirder.)

See prayer as the magical phrase that releases the answers you need. Sometimes I may expect you to repeat it numerous times, but that's not because My magic is "broken" or not working, rather it's that there's something for you or the person you're praying for to learn first, before My full magic can be activated. But even when the answer takes a little time in coming, your prayers are still sprinkling the stardust magic on the individual or situation you're praying for, and little miracles are happening, eventually to climax in the complete magical miracle you've requested.

(Isn't it nice when things just... work?)

Love, Joe.



At 10:14 pm, Anonymous Gio said...

And maybe even the fever enhanced it.


At 3:14 am, Blogger Neo said...

Say, what happened to this weeks "Fetchin' Fridays"?

At 7:56 pm, Blogger Ali said...

Nice post!

At 5:07 am, Anonymous Dave said...

Cool video

At 7:18 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

Sorry everyone, Internet went out for a few days. --Lightning. Technically it's still out.... weird huh?

Ali, so good to see you!! pero espero que no me juezgues por este sitio tan freaky............. ya se que tu eres muy sabio y todo.

Love, Joe.

Gio, I have many enemys so I can't promise much, but my part is coming!


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