Monday, October 31, 2005

The Opposing Side.

Yes, yes, I do have some fun and games waiting for you. But first let's do the serious stuff.
Here is the reply from the recipient (female, 22) of my strongly worded letter that I, in all fairness, am posting, in a summary. I have to say that I agree with it, almost completely. It is not so much the other side but the same one, presented from a different perspective. Maybe there is only one side.



So, Joe, you are immature, is that what you are trying to say?
Now do think intensely, for a moment, “What is mature?” “What is it to you?” Well, if in all those things you described, I would say that you are indeed very tainted in your belief…obviously. Like you so well put it, a child would shrug it off.
If for nothing else than presenting the divergent side, I write:
If it has so deeply concerned you, it is, to be sure, a disease that you are desperately trying to shake but are terrified that it will encompass you. “A child does not even think of those things.”
I’m not pretending to charm a side. I can’t even be objective about it. I am a victim. The point is that no one is immune to this malady. Not even children. It all depends on experiences and reactions to it, don’t you think?
If you are in search to be “immature” then I would say it first starts in your heart and thoughts, and not in the so-called “free” things as running through the fields, attacking the rain, or any other such colorful acts. That is the manifestation of freedom of the moment. In the idea you present, anyone can be “a child”. Go get drunk. Go get “immature” and “free” if that is the context. Real freedom cannot be sought or achieved. It is a gift. Some have it more than others.
True, age brings a realization that things cannot be fanciful, carefree, and wild. It brings deeper sorrow every now and then. It brings loneliness of a sharper quality. But it also depends…on you.
Are you are free? I don’t know. Enjoying things that God brings to you, that is maturity and life. Immaturity is seeking on your own. “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” Age does instruct and egg you on to respond in diverse ways; nevertheless, the unique thought patterns belong to you and God.
I am in firm belief that this elusive “it” is directly connected to the pure spirit of God. The sole formula used for purifying remains in the heavens. Pride, not immaturity, is the real disease.
I know that it is impossible not to be tempted with bitterness, callousness and the like. But it does not excuse the acceptance of it. I do not claim to be mature. I have feelings. I do not claim to be immature. I do hold them in. Temptations, they make you mature.
Neither do I claim to be more than a human, with feelings of a standard kind, not a philosopher. I am not exceptional. But I was created to love. In love lies strength. “Within the Will of God lies the fountain of youth.”
Now and then acting your way of thinking mars others much more badly than if you would have restrained them. Tangent, yes, but there is more to life than to state your claim in a personally gratifying manner.
Children have to learn. It is a way of becoming mature. Even then, I don’t believe that anyone is truly mature. I think God created patterns for everyone. Why don’t you stay true to yours? The eternal childhood that you try to capture could be hidden. I do believe that curiosity in the things that God created is not immoral. Take advantage of what He has given you, yes, but do not capitalize on the possessions that will go and come, including feelings, self-gratification, and the like, and, yes, even the temptation to try too hard.
Well, anyway, that is my stance, or should I say, “My tangent”. Do not take my word for anything. It could be, dare I say, “immature”. Have a good day.


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