Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Demon Conquered.

Here is my reply to the wonderful woman's letter. This should be the last you hear of the matter (it is pretty well covered), unless someone else has anything more to say.

I took exception to a few things. Know that I love you and respect you in spite of our slight differences.
Just three points.
First. "Age brings a realization that things cannot be fanciful, carefree, and wild."
To put "realization" means that ah, that's the way things were all along and I only now woke up! I believe that things CAN be fanciful, carefree, and wild--and not only that, but they were meant to be. Who stands with me here? I believe that the only chains there are, are voluntary, the rest is an illusion.
Maybe that's because I'm living in a capitalistic world. Or maybe because I believe in a spiritual one. Still, I am reading Anja right now. That woman had no end of chains yet remained wild, carefree.
Also the subtle allusion that age brings this so-called "realization". What age tends to bring is a settling, where you allow chains to be put on you--mostly by yourself, but there are spiritual forces involved. You know of these already, I won't witness to you.
I would re-write that, "Age brings a tendency to accept the chained reality/mentality of the rest of the world, and to shrug off the simplicity and the spirit of being fanciful, carefree, and wild, as foolishness. I would see that as the beginning of decay, and fight it with everything in me."

Next. "I do not claim to be mature. I have feelings. I do not claim to be immature. I do hold them in."
So, having feelings is immature, and holding them in is mature, and you wear this proudly like a medal? I am probably misreading you.
Still, this is exactly the "maturity" mindset I am talking about. This is exactly the prison that I balk against. "Let's all be mature and not have feelings, and if some do slip through, let's just not tell anyone."
I would say, "Feelings are not a necessity of life. But if you are blessed to have them, balance them of course, but enjoy them to the full. For God's sake, don't stifle them like a poisonous bug. Many in the world envy even being able to feel at all. Being heartless is a poor state/goal."

And last. "Real freedom cannot be sought or achieved. It is a gift. Some have it more than others."
Ooooo. What can I say? "If you were born a slave, heck with it, buckle down in the mud for the rest of your life. There's nothing you can do anyway." This I disagree with.
Well, too strongly for this forum.
There have been a number of GNs on this subject though, that I could refer you to. If you're the movie watching type, I could refer you to some good movies on the subject. I could refer you to songs if you are musically inclined. If you're the realist type..... then, I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do for you.
Me, I don't believe in reality.
Keep in mind that realism is usually just a front for the bars. If you're arguing on just a physical plane, reality is reality. Too bad. Still, you can tooth and nail. Us, we go beyond even that. I think you would agree.
I would say, "Real freedom can be sought or achieved, but you have to want it bad enough. It is a gift, but one that is dispensed freely to anyone who reaches for it, like oxygen or saliva. Some have it more than others, true, but that's their own fault. Poor losers. Know that there is a better way!"
And then I would shut up.



At 9:20 am, Anonymous Gio. said...

Who was it that you wrote Emerge for?


At 12:08 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

Can't tell you.
I mean.. uh... no one. A genre of women.
(Anyway, not this one, if that's what you're thinking).


At 4:27 pm, Anonymous Andruss said...

dude, i read your whole spiel on “maturity” and one thing is obvious, you have the meaning of maturity all wrong.

The bible says that there is a time and a place for everything. TRUE maturity is knowing when and where the right time and place for each thing is, and acting accordingly.

Think about it

At 5:07 pm, Anonymous Amaranthine said...

Thought about it.
Still don't like your interpretation.
The Bible nothing. The Bible is on my side. Apparently you didn't read the WHOLE spiel on maturity. And I quote: "There is a wonderful side to maturity, which I left unexplored. Maybe I should not have pegged it with the all-encompassing word "maturity". I did so because it is a word YOU will understand. I hope the QUOTATION MARKS
clarify the TYPE I am referring to."
One of us has what I meant by "maturity" wrong. It's not me. Go be TRULY mature in a different time and place.


Just messing with you. Read a little more carefully next time, okay?

At 8:11 pm, Blogger CurlyCel said...

Man, I love debates - and the only NASTY thing about this situation is that it's on a computer and I have to read it.

No, No, No, I read/write enough all day, don't make me have to write it. Will catch up some other time though... ;)

At 9:49 pm, Anonymous andruss said...

if you are not joking, i feel sorry for you. but what can i do? these are things that ppl have to realize for themselves.

best luck to you

and thats all i have to say about that

At 1:23 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

And I quote: "Just messing with you."
Don't be offended, I was in a kidding mood. Read a little more carefully next time, okay?



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