Sunday, March 19, 2006

How To Feel

I have discovered the most amazing thing (benefit) about my new cast-less hand. The fingertips, in fact the whole hand, is new skin, and having not touched anything in so long, is ultra-sensitive. It is amazing, like a superpower. I run my hand across any surface and I can feel every single speck. I especially enjoy running my fingers through peoples' hair. It's like I could count every single hair, if I thought about it.
Washing my face after not shaving for a day, even a few hours, is like a spike dungeon. I rub my other hand on it and it feels smooth and soft, but with this hand--everything. I try rubbing both hands on the same thing and it feels like two different planets. It is just stunning the sensory input I am getting. I can feel my fingerprints. It is almost a turn on, so much hair trigger sensitivity, I could call it an erogenous zone.
I love this.
I'm going to go feel something. Excuse me.



At 7:07 am, Anonymous mom said...

Actually, that is so good! Now you can feel what a little-bit-unshaven chin (or upper lip) feels to a very sensitive female chin/upper lip! A good reminder! Sounds like fun, enjoy it because it will wear off.
Love you so much! Looking forward to your songs.
BTW, tell Cheri we really enjoyed her song, her and Theresa, so nice.
So you did all the instruments? (I really had to listen for the pipes on the mountaintop)--very nice music. GBY!

At 7:09 am, Anonymous Administrator said...

Mom, what I'm saying is this is way more sensitive than just a female's upper lip. I knew people would draw that conclusion from that sentence.

This is unprecedented. You don't have that kind of touch anywhere, normally.


At 12:26 am, Anonymous girl said...

yep you told me all about that


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