Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Cut-off Place

...is the best place.

Or, as far as the Indians were concerned. Land that was already cleared, they could build on, without a lot of extra hassle. So they found such a place, & the great chief, Chief Absolutely Zero Creativity, named it, in the imaginative way of the Indians--Cut-off Place. Or Teqi La.

We, as caring, well rounded home-schoolers, took all our kids out on a field trip yesterday, on a very educational and scientific excursion, to a town named Tequila.

What do you mean 'what?' It's a quiet rural town where they weave clothes and stuff, and make tortillas and... ...and tequila and stuff.

Figures, huh? That they'd invent tequila in a town named exactly the same thing. What are the odds? I'm just glad they didn't invent it in the neighbouring town of Ixtzalincanztsunapnompan. Whew, if they had, we would've had to drive ten minutes further away and man, that car was stifling.

So... what do you DO in a tequila factory anyway? Well, us conniving adults knew exactly what.

You make sure your kids get the best possible education about the culture of the land you live in. We consider it of top importance to get to know the heart of the people. Next week we're going to 'Marijuana,' another small rural town south of here.

In the name of superior education I had 7 shots, & 1 margarita. Miracles happened in that place. For instance, I was able to walk back to the car.

We were surrounded by a multi-national crowd of happy tourists, who just got happier and happier as the tour went on. They must have seen the light in our childrens' eyes.

Well, thank you Joy, for a fun day out. We owe you one. And thank You for the funny little things that Your freedom and flexibility allow us, even if we look crazy to the rest of the world...

...with a little help.


Photos! Click here.


At 12:32 pm, Anonymous ely said...

ahh so fun.
i must go there when i go to mex.
u guys are getting well educated.

At 6:43 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

ya. ur going 2 mex? from.... spain? moving or visiting? where r u heading 2?

make sure 2 drop by our home!


At 2:40 pm, Anonymous ely said...

im moving there next month, joining FD.

to hauxil..no..haoxigal..wait.. agh, that name was too weird. eheh :p anyways, its close to mex city. known by the "spaniards" home. grooovy

ill make sure to drop by ur home sumday, u guys sound too insane. :D

At 8:19 am, Blogger Miss Frost said...

I like your style of writing!! you have quite the blog!! :)


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