Tuesday, February 14, 2006


We're chocolates biggest fantasy... the pro-Valentines!!

Ah, but we do love the Day of Love in our Home. Look at the beauty one of our JTs' boyfriend sent over 4 her today! This is Teresa, whose amazing vocal talents u can find in God's Like That. She just had her 15th birthday day before yesterday, the 12th. Happy Birthday, Teresa!!!
(she is freaking sitting beside me right now monitoring every word i type 2 make sure it is what she wants. she has a stranglehold on the media that goes out of this Home. she will shoot me if i do anything wrong, & then laugh at my dead body. she is a dictator. propaganda!! doublespeak!!!!!)

Anyway, me, I'm jealous. the world is whipped into a frothy pink frenzy around me and all i get is some offline messages w/ smilies in them. well, i shalln't give up! the day is not past! viva love!

how foolish of me 2 overlook that besides all the cursed smilies, i also got a real smile from a beautiful woman, which makes it all worthwhile. tx, ely!!


At 6:18 pm, Anonymous Teresa said...

Joe, I will never forgive you, neither will anyone else,for posting a pic of me.I will laugh all the harder when your cold dead body is on the foor with the bullet of revenge in your very being

p.s. you better stop with that stupid 'So Beautiful' song,I HATE IT , I HATE IT ,HATE IT HATE IT!!

At 9:04 pm, Blogger Florence said...

wow. what a cute person.
and cute flowers!!!

My comments are so lame.

At 9:53 pm, Anonymous Nina said...

haha. i got flowers and chocolate dipped strawberries too. Little bro, i hope you sent someone a valentine...anyone really.

At 10:42 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

I did.. only verbally tho. I got.............. the anti-Valentine!!!!!
plus 1 sooooooooo special person, even 2 special 2 tell u about. but i didn't send her it, just accepted.


At 1:41 pm, Blogger anita said...

poor girl.

think of all the pride-swallowing it took her to ask you...and no return.

p.s i love billy-bob :D

At 6:09 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

what do u mean no return???! yes is the best possible return, & the only possible outcome 4 that situation. come on!!!!!!!!


At 6:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing beats a verbal Valentine

the Anti-Valentine

At 8:47 pm, Blogger anita said...

i take that back.




At 8:47 pm, Blogger Joan said...

Teresa is HOT!! hot hot hot hot.. H-O-T, hot!!!!!!!!

At 2:16 pm, Anonymous Suzy said...

Teresa is so pretty! She has a boyfriend? That's adorable. Who pray tell? So that I can give my approval or lack thereof.

At 8:29 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

oh, this guy......

At 4:07 pm, Blogger Alyx said...

Teresa you are so purty.


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