Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Giveaway

As you observant ones will be able to tell, I went to the doctor yesterday.
I had put my cast back on a day after I took it off. Grown accustomed to the pseudo-security it afforded. I went to the traumatologist and I humoured him as I pitied him.
"Alright son, we're going to take your cast off now. This may hurt."
Me: (very focused expression, like a puppy dog)
And he whips it off with a flair like a king or a god or an emancipator.
They didn't even notice it had been taken off. They didn't notice how remarkably clean it was underneath, and they didn't notice the entire absence of immediate pain.
I took an X-ray and showed it to them. Absolutely nothing was wrong. It had healed exactly as it should, thank God.
They told me it may hurt when I move it around at first. Gee, really? Oh THAT'S why I paid six bucks for the consultation.



At 7:23 am, Anonymous mom said...

U R one cheeky, smark-alcky (former) kid, but I love you. Glad your arm is better.

(Heheh, don't you love these? I wonder if I should tell my mom that I'm posting the comments she sends me? --Joe.)

At 11:41 am, Anonymous Angie said...

you really should've left it on.....


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