Sunday, February 12, 2006

Watergirl Party.

okay, i figure if i can drive the singing group around one-handedly all night, i can type up something.
we had a party. ya! an aquarius party, in honour of teresa. drinks, strobe, punk music. y don't i just put up a video? see? i'm showing goodwill--the will 2 type. but a picture is worth a thousand words and a video at least a million. u will b appeased, i'll try 2 make it fun. maybe even a few shirtless clips for dave the negative barbarian!



At 2:35 am, Blogger Florence said...

i like the bit at the end.
looks like a lot of dangerous fun.

At 12:22 pm, Blogger Joan said...

So many new faces!

At 2:55 am, Anonymous Mark said...

I can't get the video.

At 5:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys Joe is lying about the punk music, it was a dance party, the punk music you're hearing is something he added in the back ground himself.You see, me and Cheri spend a really long time doing you music so ppl could Dance!Not important, just thought you should know that..


At 8:54 pm, Blogger Joan said...

Dude, I heard you are a very good DJ... I think Joe was just a bit jealous of your talent that he wanted to cover it. Naaaastyyy, kee hee, love you guys...

At 11:08 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

haha funny. what i'm talking about, terese, is after ppl got bored of ur music, eman & i put on stem & poa. txs 4 dj-ing tho, hats off 2 the effort.


the "punk music ur hearing" in the background of the video... is actually a rap song, Selvegion Begone by Jaz & JD. 1 i thot went well w/ the ambiance of the video.

see, punk is this really hyperactive music usually with fast drums, guitar, & lots of harmonies. guess i should explain it 2 u.

At 6:19 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh bored huh?
Of my music? No, this is what happened, you see all the the cool people were coupling off so all the nerds were left to the dance. And nerds aren't very good dancers so yeah, they changed the music, no big deal, cause, as you guessed I wasn't there......heehee

oh and sorry about that rap-punk thingy Joe,but eman DID put on puck music for a while during the dance night and I didn't listen to the whole video and yeah....stuff

At 8:24 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

don't worry about it terese, it's a common mistake


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