Sunday, March 12, 2006

Can't Stay Monotonous For Long

I want 2 announce 2 all of u my all around disdain 4 doctors. they r not all powerful & they r certainly not all knowing. i generally do not like them, nor do i trust them. nor do i see any half-witted reason 2.
guess that's what u get when u raise a kid on END pictures of people w/ a leg sown 2 their chest.
generally, their mission in life is 2 generate money 4 themselves (they're bigshot phd's now, after all), & get ppl hooked on artifical substitutes 4 the healing process. i realize there must b a few genuinely humanitarian 1's out there, at least when they start off young & idealistic, but u ppl have 2 realize--if a man does not eat, he does not survive. 2 eat, nowadays u need money or faith (doctors score fifth lowest in the world in requirement B--faith--right behind professors, politicians, pastors, and lightbulb changers). so money it is. some ppl make money off selling pets or doorknobs or bathtubs. doctors r making theirs off the sick human body. & not just any human body--UR sick human body. it is in their best interests that u get sick & stay that way 4 as long as possible. or they simply don't eat & will die. u can't play w/ something like that.
no matter how genuine & loving ur friendly neighbourhood doctor is, if no one ever gets sick or hurt, mr. loving doctor (nearly an oxymoron) will either starve 2 death, or have 2 become a fireman.
so, yes, in a way i do believe they know exactly what they're doing. & ur kidding urself if u think UR best interests are prioritized over their family's daily bread.
on the other hand, it's a live body 4 crying out loud. there is no manual 4 a body. no one even really knows what life is or how 2 generate it, except by sparkling, delicious sex.
there is no authority that says it takes the hiv virus exactly 3 months 2 procreate enough 2 show up on an aids test, & if u take that 2nd test 5 minutes or 5 hours too early, u still can't b sure. there is no definition on how long 2 keep a fractured arm in a cast. they can venture guesses right & left & generalize & tell u what is normally done, or tell u what they want u 2 do. but they r heavens away from A+ getting it right. Even C+ is cutting it close.
so, no, i don't believe they actually know what they're doing. nor would i trust them as far as i could throw that scrumpled piece of paper that used 2 b a prescription.
they don't even have nice handwriting.



At 10:23 pm, Anonymous Nina said...

...and yet, you who have no medical training of any sort, chose to painfully remove your cast...grossly, painfully and without medical supervision. At least doctors have SOME sort of idea of what they're doing. After all they did go to MANY years of schooling to do what they do. what do you do? Write music? Does that qualify you to go above your doctor's requests?

At 12:49 am, Anonymous Gio said...

Ugly hand-writting? How horrible! What monsters!

I agree though. Read Faith & Healing. What would Dad do?

Probably the sparkling, delicious sex. And then told us about it, and it would've been great.

What did people do before casts, anyway? Besides losing joints.

Your hand looks crooked.


At 7:07 am, Anonymous mom said...

Of course I agree with you, but on the other hand you hopefully have 5 fingers still. You're silly to be fussing so because it was from being so silly that you broke the thing in the first place. And it wasn't so silly that the "stupid" doctor actually fixed you up and made it painless for you while he did it. So I THINK you should actually be thankful, because if you went according to your faith you'd still have a very crooked, painful, unuseable arm today, and worse, it would stay that way. It used to always be 6 weeks, so if he gave you 5 weeks, then you should be happy and just trust the Lord (in the doctor). He's not making any more money off you just because he prescribed 5 weeks instead of 4.
Love you tons,
PS I still need you to send me that latest song from Cheri. And I want the lyrics to "By the Way" as well. Please? And congratulations on the new TCD finally coming out (we just got it via email.)

At 1:55 pm, Blogger Joan said...

I think doctors are pretty nasty too, especially dentist doctors.
They can be super clumsy and they embariss you; they put stuff around your mouth (like PURE WHITE) and let you be without washing it off. Imagine yourself walking back home with white stuff around your mouth with scary mexicans giving you creapy stares, so not the way to go.

(It was embarissing 4 me)

But doctors come in handy when sudden, serious accidents happen. You should put your trust in the Lord, but with blood like...gushing out of the persons head, I think you should do your part by calling an ambulence. :D!

At 5:44 pm, Blogger Alyx said...

Splints Gio, splints. And then there was always...eheh...amputation.

At 7:29 pm, Blogger Florence said...

i hate dentists.
they tell you to raise your hand if it hurts, and then you raise your hand and they laugh and say "gammanshite!"
yo, how do you say that in english? "endure it"?
how dangerous do you suppose a facial x-ray is? i got one. am i going to turn into a lizard?
this is kind of off topic.

At 9:28 pm, Anonymous Mark said...

Joe, you are right on.
Here in Japan its even worse. These "docs" will give you just enough meds to just start to heal the problem, like skin rashes, ear aches, or any other amount of "small" problems. Then your meds run out the problem comes back you you have to go get more meds. Of course he gives you a prescription again for the same amount, and on and on it goes. Its the worst in the private clinics. These guys just suck up the cash. Luckly I've only been to a clinic once , but for everyone else whose gone it seems to cause frustration more than anything else. It should be that after you get better you pay a fixed amount. I bet you'd get better a lot faster. Haha!

At 5:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They may rob you blind but they still know a hell of alot more then you.

At 5:55 pm, Blogger Florence said...

satan knows more than me, but i don't listen to him.
okay. off topic again.

At 10:08 pm, Anonymous Amaranthine said...

Good stuff, Flo, you rock!

The point is not whether they know more than me or not. Of course they know more than me. That's exactly why they're so dangerous.

The point is also not whether to use them in emergencies. Of course you should use them in emergencies. Milk them for all their worth. Especially if you can get past the long line in the waiting room.

The point IS if they know enough and will use it purely enough to be trusted explicitly. Fail on both accounts.

Stupidity, superstition, or conditioning bind us, most of which have to do with fear, something which I refuse to harbour in any form, except of the divine. Well let it be known. If it takes brilliant medical supervision and MANY years of schooling to take a cast off without any harmful side effects whatsoever, crown Cheri.


At 10:31 pm, Anonymous Mark said...

They surely know more than me. Thats why we/I trust in the Lord. He knows everything so all I have to do is ask Him.

At 12:33 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

write a book


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