Saturday, June 06, 2009

Two Wrongs

Today we were out and we were in the car and I parked and turned it off and took the keys out and Clay was like, "Hey I forgot to roll up my window." So I was like, sure, and I put the keys back in and turned them and she rolled up her window. Then we all got out and I was like, "Everyone remember to lock their doors." So then we all slammed our doors shut and started walking to the restaurant.
Then about halfway there I was checking in my pockets and all of a sudden I was like, "OMG, where are the keys?" And I realized I had left them in the car. So we were all, "Oh no what are we going to do?" So we go back to the car and the keys are still in there, the lights are on and they're still in the ignition. I checked my door handle just to be sure but of course it was still locked so then I went around to check all the door handles and by a miracle of God Clay had left her door unlocked even though I had made sure to remind everybody to lock their doors. So I was like, "Phew," and I went in and rescued the keys and we went to the restaurant.




At 8:19 pm, Anonymous mom said...

I was like sharing this with some of my like friends but I was like embarrassed like because of some of the like language you like used, but maybe you like used it on purpose, like??? heh. But hiliarous. like, thanks! Mom

At 6:43 am, Anonymous Alice said...

hahah... your mom told you!

At 7:49 am, Anonymous Administrator said...

yes, which is why i wrote the above rebuttal. look, just side with me and start using 'like.' it's fun!

At 2:29 pm, Blogger Luther said...

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At 2:32 pm, Blogger Luther said...

you know... after reading this comic a few times I noticed something:
four wrongs squared = 2
minus two wrongs to the fourth power = 0
so really the formula doesn't really matter because he gets to 0 wrongs before that.
zero divided by 'formula' is still 0
just an observation...
soooooooo the truth of the matter is: 0 wrongs make a right. if you're not doing anything wrong then it must be right... right?


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