Wednesday, July 12, 2006

With All The Animosity Floating Around, This Should Be An Interesting Experience (Like Crossing A Superhighway With Your Shoelaces Tied Together)

I just posted a thread of sexually suggestive pictures on the 18 and up Netlinkup site. There will be many.
Personally I think everyone should, or most people. And then advertise it.
Writer's block.
Luckily, pictures are worth a thousand words. Make it two (for now).



At 7:34 am, Anonymous Gio. said...

That thing is still around? If it is, I HAVE TO look at THOSE pictures. You know. :D
Just e-mail me your username and password, because, as I said, THOSE pictures.


At 8:04 am, Anonymous katie said...

yea it's still around?? wow, i have to look at those pictures too! hee hee. can you email me the link at ? Thanks so much! btw, i love your blog!

At 9:31 am, Blogger Jesse said...

hay man mmy email is i live with your brother Dan i was woundering if you could tell me how to upload videos to be downloaded from websamba (from what i see that is the one you use)
to my Blog thanks so much bye

At 9:56 am, Anonymous Administrator said...

Gio: No, see, I'm a guy, and you're a guy!
Actually the psychoest thing, the other day, just after I had posted THOSE PICTURES, I was just about to leave and I look down to see who was already browsing my post. And who should I see but Candina, myself, and this other user name named Blunt. So I look to see who that is, and IT'S A GUY!!! So I'm like, dear Lord, what have I gotten myself into?? I don't want no Goodbye, My Lover, You're Beautiful creeping away at me from a dark room.
Anyway, as long as he doesn't post any comment. hehehehehheh. ahem.

katie: Netlinkup is a passworded site, you will only be able to get on it if you have a user name and password. If you do, here is the link:
If not, you can sign up for one (if you are 18 and up), and the admins should get back to you in a few years.

Jesse: For crying out loud, you're six foot 2?? Forget it, I'm not helping you out, no way!!!
jk. Okay, let me get back to you on how to post those. They better be good.


At 6:58 pm, Blogger Lisa said...

Invite only? Hmm

At 8:54 am, Anonymous florecita said...

For the record, if you ever see my bfs user name browsing your thread, that would be me.

At 9:26 am, Anonymous Administrator said...

Well that's good to know.

Speaking of which, florecita, te faltas tu!! si no me equivoco..


At 8:32 am, Anonymous katie said...

in a few years? and why is that??

At 10:48 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

They're just prehistoric, not to mention prejudiced. Don't blame them.



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