Wednesday, June 07, 2006


She is heartfelt.
There does come a point, I believe, where you simply have to leave home and stand on your own feet.
And someday, you shall do just that.



You're standing there defiantly alone,
Abandoned, but it's rumoured you belong.
They stamped you down but it's only grown you up,
Made you wiser, made you hate,
Made you long for somewhere else--
Somewhere away.

Living on your dreams, you're feeding on
The future, but it's cracked and it's cold.
The light has turned your head so many times before
But you don't wanna let yourself
Grow old like them.

So babydoll, run away,
And surely we'll go to your original place.
So babydoll, fly.
Light splits the sky, the breaking of the day.

You wandered in with nowhere else to go.
Found favour in her sunken, hollow eyes.
But she only comes out at night. Don't that scare you?
She wants you for the rush that comes
In draining helpless blood.
Baby, she's a vampire.

And now, with empty veins and aging heart,
A skeleton discarded here to rot,
The stinging warmth you're drawn to,
But you don't wanna go up in those flames.
But sometimes self-mutilation is the only way to survive.

So babydoll, run away,
And surely we'll go to your original place.
So babydoll, fly.
Light splits the sky, the breaking of the day.
We'll stretch the limits of love.

It's only when you've seen the lightning
The thunder will try to devour you.
Cut you down.
It's a sure thing.
Are you counting the heartbeats?
Are you scared? You should not be.

So babydoll, run away,
And surely we'll go to your original place.
So babydoll, fly.
Light splits the sky, the breaking of the day.
We'll stretch the limits of love.
Make a religion of love.
Make a deity of love.
Make an idol of love.


At 7:55 pm, Blogger Joan said...

awww ry, your sucha hottieeee!

At 8:30 pm, Blogger MAVILIN said...

don't tell me that joe or who ever didn't ask her...

At 8:35 pm, Blogger Joan said...

uhh come it dosent work?

At 8:58 pm, Blogger Florence said...

ryan, i hump that couch too!!!

At 10:14 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

It does work Joan, I tried it. Maybe there's something wrong on your end? Try it again...


At 10:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh god joe, lavigne is complaining about you on netlinkup again, and the girl from the family website is saying she won't post nudes anymore, because of what you did. makes no sense. whatever, i'm sick of it, find chicks that are worthy of being put on here. ryan is hot.

At 11:09 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

I know she is. You know dude, you're right. I just have no words. I am sad.


At 11:37 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

For the record, the song works now! Please enjoy it! Sorry for the delay.


At 12:56 am, Blogger ditzydevil said...

Joe, i have a message I'd like to send you. can i have your email add? or some way of contacting you.
dont worry, im not gonna bitch about the picture. i really dont care, and im more so flattered.

At 6:48 am, Blogger ditzydevil said...

On second thought, never mind about the add.
i was going to send you a message asking you to replace the picture you've posted, with one of my prefference. Something a little more..clothed. but never mind now.

See...I'll admit, when someone takes a picture of you and sees you hot enough to be worthy of a place on his blog, i flatter myself.I take it as encouragement that there are people out there who think little ol' me is pretty. but, apparently, my "okayness" with all this makes me low. I hate to put myself in the same category as all those other girls who've bitched about this, when personally i feel its a fine idea. i really do. But while i know you only mean this in a sweet way, theres possibly an uncomfortable someone whos opinion of me really matters.
so...if you could, id like to ask, in the sweetest way possible, that you remove the picture you've posted of me.
I'm sorry.

and i really hope no one has anything degrading to say about my decision.(or similar to things they've said about the other girls who threw fits about the posting of their picture.)
this is a very long post...
thank you for your time.
i dance away now.

At 7:49 am, Anonymous Clare said...

Ryan, I applaud you. There is nothing "low" about you! It's sad that the pic has to go down, but I'm thankful it was up at all.

At 7:49 am, Anonymous Administrator said...


You know, these pictures are a SIDESHOW. There are three rings in this circus.


At 7:51 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, respected models have pictures like these taken for magazines, and know on calls them low... or if they do, well, they're probably from some sort of hypocritical church.

At 7:52 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

*no one

At 10:30 am, Blogger Michelle Lavigne said...


Please do NOT say things about me that are not true! My lord, since when have I ever said anything bad about Joe?

Anonymous, whoever you are, I don't appreciate you making up stories. I have nothing against Joe putting up pictures of women if they are happy with it and want to. There is nothing wrong with nude pictures or blogging about them if everyone is happy about it.

I only said something to Joe about the picture he put up of RockChild because she was quite upset about it and I live with her. She is a VERY close friend of mine and when something was done to make her upset or uncomfortable of course I will say something. That doesn't mean I have anything against Joe or what he is doing, I think its just fine. God bless him for asking the women and saying sweet things about them.

The only thing I said on NLU was that Ryan was taking some of her pictures down because she didn't want people downloading or using them (If I got this wrong I'm sorry Ryan!) And then I saw the partly nude photo of her so I asked her if that was fine with her. She said it was, so it's all cool!

I think that picture of her that you had before was just fine if she was okay with it, it's up to her I have no say or mind on the matter at all.

But I don't appreciate people putting words in my mouth and making me out to be the "bad guy" So please stop saying things about me that aren't true. Thank you!

And Joe thanks for asking about my picture. I'll see about it.

Love you guys, and peace! (Sorry I'm long winded)

At 10:59 am, Blogger Michelle Lavigne said...

Oh and Joe hun, where can I get your email?

At 11:13 am, Anonymous Administrator said...

Well, you caught me at a good time. I just happen to be on RIGHT NOW!

Isn't it work hours?

Ahem, here it is. I should just post this permanently on the side, it seems to be in quite the demand:

You could have guessed that right? I can also be reached at: (if you should require more specialized services)

About the anonymous... I'm sorry, Michelle, but I read what you wrote and it wasn't all rainbows and smiles. Thank you for taking on the self-appointed task to police me and make the world a better, safer place for shy, nude women, but you're going to have to take the flak that comes with it.

Still though.... I wish we could all be friends and have great sex--


At 11:25 am, Blogger Michelle Lavigne said...

Thank you Joe. Though I never said it was all rainbows and smiles. I was standing up for a friend and I admit that I can be very blunt and harsh at times. I know my faults. But that is not to say that I'm a bad person for standing up for my friend.

I'm sure we will be great Heh!

At 8:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I said was "Lavigne is complaining about you on Netlinkup again". I did not say "things about you that weren't true", I am NOT "making up stories", "putting words in your mouth", "making you out to be the bad guy", or anything else you just accused me of! I said you were complaining and I don't take that back, I'm sorry but you were. I'd rather not post the comments you made on NLU that I was reffering to, but you basically just accused me of lying, and if I have to write your direct quotes here I will.

At 9:00 pm, Blogger Florence said...

joe, there's some kind of bob dylan stuff going on in all of these songs. it's kind of cute, but weird. is that intentional?

At 9:18 pm, Blogger Alyx said...

Darn! I was traveling and missed the unclothed Ryan! Oh well, you win some you loose some.

Poor you Joe, everyone is all commenting about your photo and no one really said anything about your song.


I like how you sing "belong"
It's not as bad as your others...this chaotic squelling guitar is really unpleasent but anyway PTL.

At 9:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michelle these are all your direct quotes:

"Please do NOT say things about me that are not true! My lord, since when have I ever said anything bad about Joe?"

"I've been nervous about putting pictures up here, mainly because of Joe. He seems to hold quite a bit against me. "

"Sweet Joe put a picture of her on his blog...did he ask??? This is the 3rd person he's done this too."

Here's my direct quote:

"lavigne is complaining about you on netlinkup again"

Complain: 1. To express feelings of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment.
2. To make a formal accusation or bring a formal charge.

All I said was that you were complaining, if that upset you I'm sorry. I'm not going to get into this with you anymore, I've said my piece. Joe's my friend and does defending him also make me a bad person? I hope I didn't offend you too much. God bless you.

(Oh and the reason I'm anonymous is one, I don't have a blog, and two, I don't think it matters who I am, this isn't about me, I'm just expressing my opinion.)

At 11:14 pm, Blogger Lisa said...

Nice photo.

I like this long standing photos controversy. Its interesting.

At 6:53 am, Blogger Dave said...

Dear Anonymous,
The reason why you wish to remain anonymous is because you don't have a blog?

Since when do you have to have a blog in order to type your name in the comment box?

"and the girl from the family website is saying she won't post nudes anymore, because of what you did. makes no sense."

It makes perfect sense, people should be free to post pictures of themselves in a place where they don't have to worry about other people distributing their photo's or using them in a manner in which they were not intended.
If people don't want their photo's to become public property then so be it.
that's their perogative.

At 7:23 am, Blogger Florence said...

1. I think that, in defense of that line of reasoning, there is a little difference between having a sexy picture of you up on the Family website, and having one posted on a public blog. But still, that line of difference is VERY small.
2. I think that nowadays Joe asks people before he posts their photos on his blog, which is good.
3. I think we need to be a little less judgmental when we're asking questions.
4. I think we need to realize that it takes quite a bit of humility to make everyone happy, and if Joe's trying (and we should give him the benefit of the doubt that he is), we should give him some credit.
5. I think we need to thank Joe for posting sexy pictures on his blog. TYJ for beautiful women.

At 7:23 am, Anonymous Administrator said...

Thank you for standing up for what is right, David, but I'm afraid you are misinterpretting. The photo I posted of her was found fully clothed with no name other than "Partytime," on the MO site. Thus, threatening never to post nude photos again on an entirely unrelated domain... doesn't make much sense. The purpose of the MO site photos are to share them with other Family members. That is also the purpose of the photos on this site. If some uninitiated get on both sites, it is not our faults. Don't tell me about the password, it means absolutely nothing.

Florence: Bob Dylan? I've never heard him. Specify?

Alyx: Chaotic "squelling" guitar? In Runaway? What?


At 7:27 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also said I wished to remain anonymous because this has nothing to do with me. That's MY perogative.

At 9:52 am, Blogger Lisa said...

Dylan? How?

At 9:52 am, Blogger Michelle Lavigne said...

I understand what you are saying and where you are coming from Anonymous. And I have nothing against you standing up for your friend.

When I said “I’ve been nervous about putting pictures up here, mainly because of Joe. He seems to hold quite a bit against me." Wouldn't you be nervous posting nude pictures of yourself on a password site if you knew that it was possible the some one you don't know would post it on a very public site? That doesn't mean I have anything against him.

But that was in the past; Joe is now asking women and even giving them the choice in what pictures he puts up. And that is very recommendable. I have nothing against Joe and what he is doing. I'm not complaining about him at all, in fact I think it’s wonderful! The things I said were merely a way of feeling about the wisdom of my posting nude photos. But now that I have talked to Joe, I'm no longer worried about it and I think things will be just fine.

That's very sweet of you though to be so concerned about your friend and the things that are being said about him. I'd do the same for my friend, and in fact did do the same for my friend.

SO, cheers to good friends who would stand up for each other!! It’d be nice to make another. ;) Love you!

At 10:42 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad we got that settled, I don't know you but I'm sure I love you too. Peace.

At 10:48 am, Blogger Queen of Clubs said...

I also wanna comment and say that I am at the moment not putting up pics on nlu because of my personal reason.. 1 I DO NOT want to find a naked pic of me on someone's blog..
not saying that you would.. just any one.. and right now.. I'm not to comfortable about it..(personal reasons again..)
and I didn't know Joe.. but since now I "kinna" in a way do.. I'm fine with it.. again sorry I made a big stink.. I don't mind... other then the fact that I didn't know you.. cheers and keep up the good pics! ;)

At 11:04 am, Blogger ditzydevil said...

i think earlier in this comment box a clear sample has been made that if you ask Joe nicely, he has enough mannars to take it down.
of coarse if you enjoy the whole "I'd hunt you down, and............hurt you...yes I can find out where you live." or threten other amusing comments similar to the one I've quoted, thats your thing, dont wanna cramp your style.
but, guys, if things could be done the nice way, it would be the highroad for you to just do that.
i imagine the majority of us are adults, it only makes sense that we try and act like it.

cant wait for the next hottie to be posted, Joe.

At 5:01 pm, Blogger Florence said...

dylan!!! c'mon, yo!
okay, it's just very small. i didn't expect anyone else to notice it, cause it's just a personal little fantasy.
but every now and then you trail off the end of your notes, at the end of, say, a line. And it sounds like Dylan.
not bad!!! just my little steamy coffee-induced epiphany.

At 3:18 am, Blogger Dave said...

Joe I'm not saying you did anything wrong in this case, my comments were directed to your anonymous friend who doesn't seem to understand why some women may feel leery about posting stuff on netlinkup.

I'm glad that you are asking the people first nowadays, that's highly commendable.

At 7:20 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand. It seems though dave that you don't understand what I was saying. I thought it was silly that a girl would stop posting pics on NLU because someone took a pic of her off the Family website and posted it on their blog. If anything they should stop sending pics into THAT site, not NLU. But that's just my opinion, which I'm entitled to

I agree it's a good idea to ask before posting pics from NLU anywhere, as it is an 18+ site.

Somehow I feel you're bothered that I'm not posting my name, but since I don't have a blog I could put any name and it really wouldn't mean anything-- my name is actually quite common and there are millions of "me"-- Unless I of course put age, location, and favorite cereal brand (naturally that would give me away).


At 10:57 am, Blogger Michelle Lavigne said...

Poochies AKA Angel

Asked me to make a disclaimer that the anonymous person above is not her. I guess there is another Poochies.

(Just so there is no misunderstand as to what poochies this is.)

She would have done it herself but was busy so asked me to do it. Love you!!

Now come on all, lets make love!

At 4:52 pm, Anonymous poochies said...

Here here. THIS Poochies (told you my name was common) says let's all make love in the spirit.

At 4:53 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

Hey the anonymous dude is my friend and believe me, they understand women one of the best I've seen. I stand by them with all my heart.

For the record, people, I am not promising to ask any and everyone about every picture I post. If I know who it is and have a way to contact them, I will gladly shoot them a dropped line. IF not, that is not going to stop me from posting something beautiful.

Unless that something beautiful also happens to be naked. Then, yes I do promise to ask.

Florence: Oooo! My trailing off! You mean some other two bit artist does it too? I had a notion that it must have been done before. Still, I stick firmly to the theory that I invented it myself. Heehee.


At 5:55 pm, Blogger LORD SLASH said...

To DITZYDEVIL: man i hope yer not refering to yer boyfriend or some relative when you say: apparently, my "okayness" with all this makes me low.

anyone who thinks yer low fer letting a picture that you feel fine about be posted up on Joe's Blog must be pretty queer, or maybe he/she has some overprotectiveness issues. if someones opinion of you changes just becuz you let a foto of you be posted up on someones blog .. to the point where he/she thinks yer "low" then Screw them and do it anyway..
hmmm wow heh im really gonna be busted if it was actually you who wanted the picture taken down..

At 9:12 pm, Blogger Florence said...

BOB DYLAN? You don't know who Bob Dylan is?
what are you, some kind of mole?
were you like, sleeping when all the FGAs were telling stories about the sixties?
google him. or better yet, look him up on youtube.

At 12:22 am, Anonymous Mark said...

Lord Slash, It doesn't make her relative queer or whatever, it makes them human. Everyone has those feelings or emotions to some extent. I don't think it's loving nor will it do any good to bash the person or persons. I don't know if you were just saying what you did just to make her feel better, but if she had a significant other who was discouraging her from having random pics of her on someone's blog then it might have the opposite effect. Besides it wouldn't be "doing unto others as you would have them do unto you" to just "screw them and do it anyway."


At 12:30 am, Blogger ditzydevil said...

Lord Slash...
pray for yourself.

At 8:49 am, Anonymous Ia said...

WOW!!! This was an interesting read!!

CHEERS to friends standing up for each other and making love not war with words or anything else...)

I think I'm learning to love your blog Joe :D


At 9:43 am, Blogger LORD SLASH said...

JOE?!?!!?!? why didn't you add my last comment. it was very apologetic! now im gonna look like a villain

At 8:01 pm, Blogger Joan said...

haha, danny and his comments, tsk tsk...

At 10:01 pm, Blogger LORD SLASH said...

man arghghgh okay see this is what happens im misunderstood and all my posts don't get posted.. see what i said (and i'm not sure why it didn't get posted up)was: (LORDSLASH last night when first reading replies to his comment by ditzydevil and mark): hahahaha mark yer so serious you need t- BAH okay see now i fergot what i had said but the bottom line was that I didn't mean anything against anyone.. and I didn't really want Ditzydevil to screw the him/her that was calling her "low" fer letting a foto of Gods most beautiful creation (refering to women in General... not just ditzydevil..heh) be posted on someones blog.. If thats the way that he/she feels about it (that Ditzydevil is low) then he/she should not coerce Ditzydevil into feeling the same way since she obviously doesn't share the same opinion as him/her.. see? and I was saying to mark that he should just take it easy and not get so worked up about what I say becuz I get misunderstood alot.. but now that we're on the subject of "do unto others" don't you think that the person who is making ditzydevil feel "low" fer letting the foto be posted up by Dear JOE - or to make her feel "low" Fer any REason at all should, in consideration with the "do unto others.." rule, NOT make her feel low fer letting the photo be posted up? oh yeah and also at the end of the comment I asked Ditzydevil to Pray fer me.. cuz she was advising me that I should pray fer myself.. However I often find it helpful when others pray with/fer me as I usually get the spiritual help needed Sooner!!! PTL!!!! and one more note to Dear Mark: sorry Mark I wasn't trying to Bash her Dear relative/boyfriend I was just trying to let her know that she has a mind of her own fer a reason... and (I guess i shouldve werded it different) i was trying to Encourage her becuz it sounds like whoever this person is thats making her feel "low" really only cares about him/herself and about his/her feelings/emotions about the situation instead of what dear ditzydevil actually feels.. or at least thats what it seemed like.. now that Ditzydevil is asking me to pray fer myself i take it that I assumed wrong.. I wish Ditzydevil we're a bit more polite tho and at least thanked me fer trying to stand up fer her.. but then again I guess I was just misunderstood.. anyway sorry this is a bit long.. hope it just clears some stuff up..

At 1:28 am, Anonymous phil said...

i dont get it. but i appologize fer ditzy devil, and if you want Lord Slasher, i'll pray fer you.

At 5:20 am, Blogger ditzydevil said...

Lord Slash: my reasoning for asking Joe to take the picture down has nothing to do with you.
while you may feel you are defending me and somewhere inside of you feel you deserve an appreciation note from me, thats sad. If I mention its someone whos "opinion of me matters" than he/she outta be someone i love quite alot hu? in which case, you bashing someone i really love...just isnt the greatest way to go about standing up for me.

just a tip.
cause im sure alot of other people agree. trying to make one feel better by belittling someone they love, will stir more than just misconceptions.

At 8:28 am, Blogger MAVILIN said...

..........oh wow......I just have to say, everyone makes mistakes. We get misunderstood/ we misunderstand ppl easily. We should be careful. thingz that we say and do can really influence our lives even if its just a little can turn into a big thing..i'm sure you know this. now that i've shared my opinion..

To administrator: People are you can tell.........we need to have ALOT of consideration, even though it seems pathetic at times....

At 1:33 pm, Blogger LORD SLASH said...

to ditzydevil: i guess you just must not 've read my message to Mark.. but if you scroll up you will see that I have apologized and tried to straigten out the fact that i was not trying to bash anyone.. see? It almost sounds like yer re-replying to my first post and totally ignoring my second one. I guess what you mean is that you love this other person so much that when he/she tells you yer low fer letting a picture be posted up you agree with him/her and then refer to others who are trying to correct (not in a shepherding sort of way but just like you know when you see a nail sticking out of the furniture you "correct" it by nailing it back in..)his attitude as bashers.. hmm Then again I guess it's not my place to get into other peoples business and try helping/correcting people. I should just stick to myself more often.. especially when dealing with a sweet little lovestruck woman as yerself.. sigh .. so much fer being a goodsamaritan/knightinshiningarmor..

TO PHIL: GBY man.. I guess you could pray fer me if you wanted to.. if you do then my real name is Danny (i prefer my real name be used when I am being talked about to Jesus, My christ and Savior). However I was mainly asking DitzyDevil to, cuz it seemed she felt I need prayer.. anyway don't werry if you don't get it.. cuz none of the Messages I posted were directed to you.. see? (Except fer this one.. so if you don't get this then you should bother asking me to re-explain myself k?) GBY SIR!!!
JOE ROCKS!!!!!!!!

At 4:09 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

I don't moderate or preview the comments and decide which ones to add. Sorry, I guess there must have been some weird, anti-Danny glitch. Heheh, oops. Happens sometimes. You have to get on the anti-Christ's good side to get his internet to work properly for you. I still haven't mastered it. Forgive the confusion.


At 5:53 pm, Anonymous phil said...

Lord Slasher, i guess this whole thing IS kind of a big misunderstnding. well...apparently ditzy devil was refering to one of her friends, who apparently thot of it "low" to have a pic of her on here. This is between her an this friend, no reletive, no boyfriend. apparently she loves this friend alot...anyway Danny, i will pray for you. This is a great site Joe, you make me laugh...

At 8:36 pm, Blogger LORD SLASH said...

TO PHIL: First of all WHY DO you keep sending me messages??!?!?!?! Secondly why do you refer to me as lord slasher?? My Identity is clearly stated as Lord Slash... And i told you my real name too. So there's no reason to expound upon my name.. It's good the way it is.. Would you prefer I start refering to you as philadelphia? or philarmonic? or phillipines? well... even if you do I don't, so please just refer to me as either danny or lord slash okay? thanks.. GBY SIR.oooh and one more thing: I don't really care about this whole thing anymore.. i tried to help DitzyDevil and she took my help crushed it and stomped it into the ground. I really don't need to be knowing about her relationship with her "friend".. as i don't really care and it's really none of my business. see? GBY YOU ALL.. JOE THANKS FER NOT DELETING MY STUFF>

At 11:24 pm, Blogger ditzydevil said...

so glad you admitted to it being none of your business.
I have nothing against you as a person, just had a slight disagreement with somethings you said. we're still brothers and sisters in spirit.

At 5:25 am, Blogger LORD SLASH said...

to Ditzydevil: family in spirit? I highly doubt many people are brothers/sisters in spirit in this so called "family of love". however i'll take yer werd fer it that at least we are. I've been treated worse by those in my "spiritual family" -this family of love- than i have by my flesh family... not to mention even regular "systemites" in general.

At 5:27 am, Blogger LORD SLASH said...

TO DitzyDevil: Family in spirit? heh well GBY!!!!!!!!!!!

At 7:55 am, Blogger ditzydevil said...

hm...but, im a systemite.

At 9:08 am, Anonymous mom said...

Well, that's pretty, kinda strange lyrics--I'm sure there's a story behind that one!

At 7:30 pm, Blogger Psycho said...

DAMN....home do you get such a popular blog amarathine??? gee.....58...impressive...lovely song. I liked it.

At 9:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone loves a little contoversy, and Joe is the controversy KING (grovel grovel)

At 7:49 pm, Blogger Lisa said...

Man! In this case people fell into debate so easily all by themselves.

At 5:21 pm, Blogger LORD SLASH said...

fell? i would say: Went into

At 3:02 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Lord...when does it end?

At 8:16 pm, Blogger LORD SLASH said...

well Slash is fine.. The lord Title isn't really official hhahaha okya yeh i know i know i'm just joking

At 10:38 pm, Blogger MAVILIN said...

it ends when it is the End Time anonymous...heh, duh........


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