Friday, May 19, 2006


To the ever delicious Ryan: I assume I am Joe.

I appreciate:

Kristy, because I don't know a single person who doesn't get along with her.

Joy, because the people who don't get along with her, there's probably something wrong with their heads.

Eternal, because she is a goddess.

Zeb, because he is a genius, an enterpreneur, and a new bottle.

Clare, because she is a tigress.

Ryan, because she is coy and tasteful.

Charlotte, because she is so alive, and makes me feel alive.

Florence, because she sparkles.

Alyx, because she is contrast.

Angie Luna, who will never read this, because she is a precious stone in a dark mine.

Now, I want to tag people for this, not just out of duty or tradition, but because I think appreciating people is a really great thing to be blogging about. It is something uplifting, new weapon-y, loving, bonding, something FAMILY. So let's see. The following people are my recommendations to carry the torch:

Celeste is an appreciative person!
Sherri Centered I would like to see.
Miss Haven Benino would be fun.
Peephole Gio, the famous rock star.
Nina Claunch and her "mother's knack" for kind words.
Jason Nashville could stand a bit of positivity.
Kevin the Hollow Twin, appreciation with a bite, extraordinaire.
Mavilin probably needs something inspiring to do.
Nyx is sweet.
And... how about a site which I think is somewhat popular, Justin: The Appreciative Hobbit.

I know you guys are all extremely talented people. Let's put some effort into this and kick off the new blogging sunrise with a bang.



At 8:12 am, Blogger Joan said...

Ryan has big smile on her face now that you've called her tasteful and delicious. Watch her flirt back...

At 8:28 am, Anonymous Nina said...

"Mother's knack for kind words?" is that some sort of twisted insult?

At 4:26 pm, Blogger Florence said...

my name?
up there with the likes of...ZEB???
this is unbelievable.
i'm going to wallow in happiness.

(i don't quite understand what it is that i do. sparkle? is that...good?)

At 4:34 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

You sparkle, Florence. Sparkling is good. It makes people happy. It gives off cheery e-vibes.


At 4:35 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...


NO! No insult, I'm dead serious! I know you have developed your appreciation pretty good, just from being a mother to those two great kids.


At 5:38 pm, Blogger Alyx said...

What! Sparkle? She doesn't sparkle, she bubbles. Hehe.
Flo, you're terrific, I love how you could never ever, not in a million years, be boring! Even if you were old and ugly and wrinkled with shrivled lips!

And Joe, why thank you! Nicest thing I've heard all week, even if it wasn't a compliment.

Oh wait...I just do sparkle..that nasty banner of yours! UGH.

At 5:47 pm, Anonymous clare said...

aw Spank you Joe :o).

I love you.

At 10:37 pm, Anonymous Nina said...


NO! No insult, I'm dead serious! I know you have developed your appreciation pretty good, just from being a mother to those two great kids.

(Whom you've never met...hint, hint?)

At 3:31 am, Blogger Serena said...

I heartly agree about sweet Angie, my good friend and my brother Justin is not Hobbit, its Hobbyns

At 3:57 am, Blogger ditzydevil said...

Joe, i am twirtipated. feel very honored to be added on your list.
big smile for you.
(yep Joan, this is me my very best. sigh)

At 2:17 pm, Anonymous Gio said...

I don't know, Joe. The same way as pictures can say a thousand words, the can also lie a thousand times. That stage was fun though.
I'll appreciate. not right away though. Whenever I find the time--freeday or something.


At 3:24 pm, Anonymous Charlotte said...

Joe: Because he makes me come alive (Stole it back!)

At 9:55 pm, Blogger MAVILIN said...

gosh i feel blessed. you know Joe, i should debate with you.

At 6:08 am, Blogger Joan said...

debate on what?

At 10:46 am, Anonymous Administrator said...

I don't know, dude. The way you tore up God a little while back, I doubt I'd stand a chance.

Although... maybe I could be His lightning bolt way of using the weak things of this world to get back at you!

Alyx: Yes it was a compliment, and just what you deserved too after what you said about Ben's heart-wrenching song.

Nina: Okay, bring them down, and I promise to meet them.

Serena: How do you know Angie? You sure it's the right Angie? (I know it's not Hobbit, silly). heh.


At 2:10 am, Blogger MAVILIN said...

okay fine...joe, up to you...i mean, you're not strong enough?'s sumtihng juts dont' care...

well yeah, go ahead and be his lightning bolt..i'm sure i need some wakening..maybe you can help inspire me...

At 9:28 am, Anonymous Nina said...

Bring them down? Ha. i don't think so. Come and visit weirdo.

At 11:49 am, Blogger CurlyCel said...

I just saw my name on the "torch carriers" list, Joe. - Ooops!

I'm afraid I wouldn't know where to start though! :( EVERYONE has something to be appreciated about, and once I do get started I'll never stop. HELP!

What are you doing to me?


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