Saturday, April 15, 2006

Did Anyone Ask For Your Opinion?

To the disgruntled ex-paradigm.
There are two sides to your jaded, rusting coin. Both are scarred. I do not see a single way you could be justified for the response you and your supercillious friends initiated.
For the record, I have no obligations to take down the image. I am breaking no laws, and no moral code. I am speaking nothing but glowing admiration for what I chose your self-expression to represent. It isn't about you. Your depiction was an icon, a perfect symbol of the freedom I was illustrating, the freedom to want, and broadcast it.
I took it down not out of dignity, as was suggested. Dignity would demand leaving it up.
Not out of politeness. No rudeness was committed in showcasing you as a best example.
Not because you lied about emailing me to take it down. You had not. Up until you spoke I had nothing but rude threats from your blindly frustrated, parochial so called "friends" (something that no one, not even yourself, responds well to).
Not out of kindness to your request. That would also have been a good reason--one human rising beyond the other's stinging slaps and unsheathed claws when he does her a good turn, only to do her another one. Nobility would have sufficed... but I had a better reason.
I took it down because I was wrong about you.
My vision was and still is about abandonment. About wanting, and not being afraid to show the whole world that you are a vulnerable human creature who has voids. You are, you know. And trying to cover that, with whatever pretense (exclusivity, should/shouldn't, environment, minors, attention), is simply hypocritical, but more than anything, sad, because of your potential.
I took it down because I do not want a symbol who will stake the wind on a crusade for delusioned, untouchable purity. With staunch Pharasaical apologists in her tow who will get so riled about what is scopically such a tiny thing that they will post language and threats beside their grimacing faces, and beat me over the head with blindfolded "should" demands and violent intimidations, neither of which mean a thing to me.
It is what is wrong with humankind in this generation. That we can't let down our brick walls for a second to get close to someone else, or to overlook mistakes. Your reticence, I do not have a problem with. That is your liability, and none of my business. But maybe you didn't know that assuming the worst was a crime? It is what starts wars, mutilates children, kills foetus'.
I have chosen another poster girl for Desire. One that fits the bill. This woman deserves adulation, she is as wildfire as they come. Round of applause for Clare, you know I love you girl.


Thank you, Hobbs, for your offer but if I take you up on it, it will be to stamp the smothering opposition to my utopia with the image of your pencils and her facade.


At 3:25 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sweet, she is pretty,

At 6:18 am, Anonymous Happiest Oyster said...

I pity your thesaurus. It must feel a little exhausted.

At 8:42 am, Anonymous Administrator said...

Sorry, I understand this one is a little verbiose. It wasn't at first, but I was led to crypticize it a bit. More mystical and less stinging. I don't usually write like that, I don't like the style.


At 9:03 am, Blogger Florence said...

i don't think he used a thesaurus.
believe me, i know what stuff looks like post-thesaurus, it's like a battle where only the carnage is left standing up on spears.
(sorry, just finished watching a gory movie)
i liked it. it sounds like a speech. you should've made one of your videos of it, standing behind a podium sporting a little hitler moustache. it would've made you so much more deliciously corny.
desire eshtonk
abandonment eshtonk
wanting eshtonk
etc etc
(okay, if you don't get my joke i'm going to feel really stupid)

your new poster girl is beautiful.

At 4:03 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on ma, burn your bra!

At 9:10 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

Amen all you guys. No, I didn't use a thesaurus, but still it's a bit to wade through, and I apologize.


At 9:16 pm, Anonymous bob said...

oh good god, you really have to get over yourself

At 3:28 am, Anonymous ambie said...

Hmm..well next time you don't want an opinion, disable the comments cause in posting that pic..yes you did ask for one. My two cents.

At 4:12 am, Blogger Dave said...

Wars are not caused by assuming the worst.

It's caused by greed, selfishness and a lack of love for your fellow man.

At 6:20 am, Blogger Hobbs said...

No worries Joe, you're right, and please know I in no way wanted to "stamp the smothering opposition to your utopia with the image of my pencils" so no worries, people continue to be entitled to their opinions, we narrate our minds, and the blogging goes on. I just wanted to put a cease fire to the lovely war-of-words ... no, rephrase that, too spent, ... the war of paper bullets of the mind. But I do feel art can capture any desire, any emotion, and any beauty in its perfect grasp ... because after all, that is what an artist is, someone who puts pencil to paper and frees the angel from it's captivity. Stay cool man ... and actually my name is Abner, hobbs is for the blogging world,


At 8:02 am, Anonymous clare said...

hey can you draw me then? :)

At 12:50 pm, Anonymous insertgenericname said...


The world does not revolve around you.

Desire may not desire you. Deal with it like a gentleman.

It's harder to admit you were wrong than it is to be an ass.

Clare is awesome, but I noticed there is no nip slip on the photo, and I assume you asked permission. Does that mean you've learned from ur mistake?

In any case, your reaction is understandable in light of the avalanche of hate mail you elicited. It was very unfortunate for you to be unable to reply during the time, and as one of the 57 comments, I appologize if I contributed towards the offense.

At 3:30 pm, Anonymous insertgenericname said...

still... this post of yours was a bummer to read.

At 5:09 pm, Blogger Florence said...

i like that joe asked clare for permission to post her picture, cause that kinda proves to me (silent and curious onlooker) that, regardless of what the angry people would like to think, Joe is not obstinant. Not too proud to become careful. Salut.

Hey hey, Joe, everyone seems to be getting in these digs like "The world doesn't revolve around you" and "get over yourself" and what have you. Are these just unrelated insults out of the diss hat (i've spent the better part of my life looking for that hat...sigh...I guess now it would be empty) or are they actually in response to something self-absorbed that you said? Let me know, cause then I'd have to get super sensitive and...cyber slap you. Gosh, I hate insensitive men. Luhhooosers.

At 9:15 pm, Anonymous Petunia said...

Naughty little Johnny got caught redhanded with a stolen cookie in his hand and stolen-cookie-crumbs around his mouth.
Mommy told Johnny to put the cookie back in the jar.
Johnny obeyed, but not before screeching at his mommy:

The End.

At 10:45 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

I think it's just stuff that people say, like, "Get a life." Ex-members would relate. Bob seems to be a sour sort of guy. That's sad, because he has such a funny name! Bob! I love that name.

You, Mister Generic Name, gentlemen are not not anonymous. I admit I was wrong. It was a mistake, something I didn't even think about. The pic had been on my desktop for about a month, I figured I'd stick it up. Now it's in the Recycle Bin.

Hobbs, what I meant was that she would now represent the opposite of what I was saying originally in that post.

Florence, when it regards a beautiful women, I will do anything. Pride/honour/face means nothing to me.


Petunia: caught red handed? I think you're missing something here.

At 6:56 am, Blogger Liz said...

yay clare!!
i have a naughty thumb..

At 7:48 am, Anonymous mom said...

Hey Joe, I just wanted to mention that on 2nd-3rd-etc listening, that, I really like your new sleepwalking. Especially your singing. Really good. God bless you.

I guess the other thing I wanted to comment on was your recent blog about "Desire" wanting her photo taken off. You always have to have the last word, insults, etc., huh. Your pride I guess. You could have just changed it without all that ugly put down stuff (sounding brass), and an apology for putting it up without getting her permission first. The humble thing. Love suffereth long and is kind. Love is humble. And sex is nothing without loving humility--all the abandon in the world doesn't take the place of real love. So there! (You did break a moral code ya' know? ... And though I understand all mysteries, and all knowledge and have not love, I am nothing.)

And furthermore....!!!
Well, I was going to say that sex is an expression of love, but love has many expressions, and didn't Jesus say "love your enemies"? So even if they smite you on one cheek (blast you) you could just turn the other cheek. You got yourself into that, Mr. Brown, but you didn't get yourself out so successfully (and I don't mean in a proud way--real success would have been humble I think.) Hey--read Boat Trip and Hannah! (ML#5)

At 7:51 am, Anonymous Administrator said...

Ah, mom. that's cause you didn't see the vocal minority's ugly responses.

I only posted it out of love and goodwill in the first place, thereby breaking no moral code. That's what I meant.

But you're right mom, I should just have sex with her and get this whole thing over with.


At 12:16 pm, Anonymous Gio said...

This is good!

Moms, correct your children publicly more often.


At 2:17 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

Actually Gio, I posted that. Criticism addict I am, and there wasn't enough to speak of.


At 2:20 pm, Anonymous chuck said...








click here

Cool huh?

I actually, trully, love you.

But foolishness is bound in my heart in big red letters.


At 3:06 pm, Anonymous teresa said...

wow joe , i really admire the way you handled that

At 8:04 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you posted a correction from your mom so that you would get more comments? well thats a first...


"The man would sell his own mother for a good story"

*end quote*

the love....

At 8:12 pm, Blogger Joan said...

chillin' is good...

At 11:05 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

I always post my mom's comments, she wants me to. That's why she sends them. Because she's in a sensitive field she can't get in on the debate, but I allow her to, vicariously. She's a fiesty one.

Thank you, Teresa.

Thank you, Chuck. Do you have any naked pictures of you?

Everyone: look at Chuck's post. It is AWESOME.


At 9:51 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

every1 has a fat stick up thier asses..

At 1:01 pm, Anonymous chuck said...

Now now anonymous...

Thats not very shooting straight friendly.

Absolutely no backdoors allowed.

But if I did have a stick, it would be skinny and red.


At 2:07 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

Anonymous, watch it. Whether for or opposed to this, that is rude.

Chuck, I haven't been able to get on your website for the past few days. What happened? Is it the judgements of God?

Just kidding.


At 3:53 pm, Anonymous Chuck said...

Heh. Most likely the judgments of God, I need all I can get. Sometimes I ask him for a random calamity, just because I feel I deserve one.

Our wonderful Eunuch is having problems with his OS server. PTL

At 12:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats right anonymous, you do have a big fat stick up your ass, and thats my big fat stick up your tell me some more about all nevermind anonymous, she just has sand in her vajina (yeah nevermind anonymous, i think shes just got dudu in her brains)in fact im going to go to the library to get a book to find out how all that sand got in her vajina.

At 6:00 pm, Anonymous Percy said...

Joe, I just wanted to say something. One of the more vocal people who were enraged that you posted the pic of that girl was a while back actually showing naked pictures (on and 18 and up site) of me to her little brother, who was a minorand quite immature. He came to our home one day, saw me, and said "Eeeeewwww! Gross! I saw you naked! My sister showed me your pics on NLU!" I mean she actually went out of her way to show them to him. I never confronted her about it or reported it to the admins of that site, cause really it isn't the end of the world, but it still wasn't right. Just thought it was funny how people get so enraged and up in arms about things that they themselves are guilty of. I guess that's human nature.

At 6:05 pm, Anonymous Percy said...

P.S. I'm not trying to pick a fight with said person, but just trying to make that point that we shouldn't get so self-righteous when we don't agree with something, when we're probably all guilty of worse. Thank you for listening.

At 6:10 pm, Anonymous Percy said...

Ok I just have to say one more thing, one picture she showed of me wasn't just a "nip slip", neck and face picture like the one you posted, but full frontal, butt-ass naked. Again it's not a big deal but tell me which is worse?

At 10:22 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

I love you, Percy, I think you just made my day. That's pretty self-righteous, no? I may be a publican, but...

Thank you for not being anonymous, Percy! So, there's naked pictures of you on NLU? I think I shall check them out...
hehe, for my viewing only.


At 6:53 am, Blogger ditzydevil said...

AMEN! a huge huge AMEN to this post.

You know how sometimes a girl shrieks and holds her hand out when a camera comes around, because she likes to pretend shes hard to get, but actually is swiming in flattery that the one behind the camera is interested in her enough to attempt a shot??
i think the whole ordeal before was kind of like that.
if she took the time to read your post i think she would've been honored to be set as an example of such beauty. Of coarse i think you should've cropped her nipple a tad. but, your motives were honest and all the comments that flooded the place, was wrong.
another huge AMEN to this post.

At 8:24 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you "percy" for your email.
Well, you are know who you are, you wicked person who was showing "percy" off to your little brother. For all your show of bravado, that's a pretty sad thing to do.
And she's not the first person who has mentioned your antics privately to me.

But I'm praying for your health because I love you anyway. hehe.

Yeah, ditzydevil, that rocks. That's so true.


At 6:15 pm, Anonymous shocked said...

Jeeeeesssssus Christ!


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