Friday, March 31, 2006

I miss...

Screams at the top of your lungs;
Betting orange juice;
Little James;
Death candles at midnight;
Attempted induced oblivion (my headphones on, my back turned);
Being the Devil;
Six bleary eyes in devotions;
Estos CDs son eticos;
Shoulders on the computer to look over;
Doubles chatting;
Not being able to convince you to work out;
Unmade beds;
Being too pretty to punch;
Goodnight hugs;
More, more, more, I wanna be more like Jesus;
Your disgusting kissing;
Hi5 24/7, or Solitaire;
Writing LOVE in the dust;
Cutting off your heads:




At 8:49 am, Anonymous mom said...

What was all that about? Did the JTs go on a road trip or something?
Love you dear!

At 8:43 pm, Anonymous joseph said...

way out of there in left field, or should i say missing the mark and thats a sin delete it!

At 9:42 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

Joseph, that's what you get for reading other peoples' mail, and stealing other peoples' names.


At 12:43 pm, Anonymous Angie said...

Jo, this one calls for a clarification...
so you miss someone and these are things this person did?.....

At 3:52 pm, Anonymous Cheri said...

We miss you too Joe, so nice of you to be thinking about us! We should be back soon. lots of love from Ben and Teresa as well.

At 6:48 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

Ahaa! How about that one Angie. I hope the puzzle is coming together for you.

You know I'm going to miss YOU.


Aren't I a creepy uncle, huh?

At 7:50 pm, Anonymous teresa said...

well that real sweet of you joe to not say that nasty stuff (mostly exaggerated)about your niece, but i guess thats to be expected.if you ask me its a pretty pothetic form of humor but im not letting get to me

At 5:30 am, Anonymous Administrator said...


Just, huh?

Out of all of those--one, just one--was even specifically about my neice (I before E exception). As far as nasty or humour or exaggeration, this was heartfelt. I do not know where you are coming from.

You sure made me sad.



At 12:03 am, Anonymous girl said...

What the hell,
too much time on your hands Joe?
How old are you anyways?


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