Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Credit Blog.

I am back from a seven day mute vacation in San Antonio and owing more apologies than applause upon my return.
I can't do anything right. I admit that.
Wept myself to sleep on the bus back. None of you will fathom why, or how I looked doing it. But everything worked out, and will continue to, no matter how many times I get in the way.
Not to say I didn't have the best vacation ever. I did! IIII did. I, I, I. That is exactly the problem. Let me paraphrase, as I vaguely recall it, a close yet far friend:

I wish I was in prison,
Solitary, if you please.
I'd book myself for eternity,
And throw away the keys.

Maybe that is why we clicked like we did. I am STILL all arms and legs. And mouth. Don't get too close to me.
In other news, I really did have a blast, it couldn't really have BEEN better, socializing, jamming with the creative-elite of the Family, as I see it. Met a ton of famous young people, and neglected to take photos with every single one of them. Audiolinkup Dan, Haven, Steve (yes, Buckle), Justin Spirit, Charlotte and Elizabeth deGaalon, Seth Infused, Debbie Drummer (Tim's wife), Bunny Bigword, Auntie Ruthie (think.. puppets), and Martin "Stay Sweet." These are only the guys you've probably heard of. I would venture to say the people I am have not put up could easily hold ground in a one on one with any of these. You guys mean a lot to me too, even though not many have heard of you yet.
What the heck, I'm putting you up.
Mary-Lou and her huge eyes, sweet Rossi and her twin, Nina's indomitable gait, tender Gin, Claire's delicious meals, Oli's crown of brilliance, Niki's flair, Johnny's bounce, Vince, the David's, the James', Gwen, Joy, all the millions of twins, Keith, Linda, sprightly Adriann and the jewel Jade, Arthur (never forget our club, man), Anita's heart (the one she said she didn't have), and of course, Michelle. I left out a few names for security, but you guys were a beautiful part too. Welcome this guy to the blogging world: Seth Infused. He decided to start a blog while we were there and I highly endorse him for the week he will be online.
Guys, I apologize for a credit post. I know they can be boring for the uninvolved, but you have no idea of the tender spot each of these persons have left. I COULDN'T NOT do it, you understand me? I feel bad that I simply cannot say more, because I am human, as is your attention span.
Meanwhile, clouds are rumbling on the horizon. The contractions of a mind grow closer and closer together, and the sound of a forging in the fog grow louder. A shroud covers a creation and fingers are getting itchy, but still we wait. Forces gather, alliances form. Ideological weapons are loaded, because that is what it is now about.
And you sit there, listening to the birds singing, and the crickets.



At 8:57 pm, Anonymous all arms and legs said...

as of today...
she still plays basketball in the driveway.

At 9:08 pm, Blogger Liz said...

well aren't you connected?
we Groves...I'm telling you

At 9:08 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

And she's not afraid to. That's why I love her.


At 9:09 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

Wait, you played today? Cool. Yah, as soon as I leave.


At 10:59 pm, Blogger DJ said...

was good to meet you jo -- thanks for hanging with us and hope to catch you around in the future. Take care bud.

At 12:33 pm, Blogger Joan said...

whoa... I spoted a typo, "COULDN'T NOT" or ... hmm... maybe that's how you talk, kee hee. Love you joe, glad you had fun...:D!


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