Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What Right Have They?

Okay, okay, Christmas.
So you don't think I'm a complete Grinch, as may have seemed apparent from my previous Probation Narration, I shall rundown our Christmas day, complete with photos.

Well, you'll be happy to know, we ate Christmas Eve dinner. Here's an action shot to prove it. That's really the way Ben eats! I am embarrassed to take him anywhere. Me, I just smile and look subtly disgusted with the merrymaking. Oh, but I have a gentle heart, I promise.

We give presents too, you'll be relieved to know. 133 of them under that tree. Well 134 if you count me. See my flaring, I-want-to-give-you-me-for-Christmas expression? Opening these took the better part of the night, much of our fingernails, and a lot of that good old exuberance to keep lighting up with each gift. Of course, the amount of alcohol and chocolates under the tree sure helped.
Anyway, the next day, Christmas, dear Ruth had provisioned a French Canadian circus, which we all attended. Now, this was no ordinary circus, it was weird. The theme was a schizo, pregnant, blue clown, with a tail, who kept falling asleep and dreaming about tightrope walkers and acrobats. There was a live band in the back, sax, lead guitar, and of course the obligatory cymbols for the scary moments. There was a chic singing opera rock live in different languages the entire time, great mood setting, beautiful voice. Problem was, no photos were allowed. That's why you don't see any. "Photo with flash, artista goes crash." Aptly put.
That afternoon I was able to join my sister Kristy and her kids on a Christmas hospital visit to see Zeb and Kika. See, we are good people! Here is a moment. All of us gathered around, adoring the babe lying in a hospital bed, wrapped in tubes.
Here is me teaching her how to play electric guitar. Oh she has raw talent that girl.
That night we ate the real Christmas dinner. Don't be fooled by the previous meager looking tamale shot, that was an appetizer a day earlier to get our stomachs growling.
And growling they were. So growling that we didn't take any photos. Sorry.
Oh yeah, and Michelle called me, while I was in the shower that day! Isn't that sweet? Had to step out of the hot and soothing water, but it sure was worth it. Thanks, Michelle!



At 9:39 pm, Blogger crazynik said...

Love the orange tie Joe...very festive.
And you make a great present under the Christmas tree...heh heh


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