Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I received my first genuine parkour injury today! I feel so accomplished! I was doing a flow over our front gate, which has a small overhang. So I ran up the adjoining wall, caught onto the overhang, flipped myself onto it (the top surface peaks like a roof and is slanted down both ways), and slid down the other side. Popped off the edge (got some good hangtime in the fall), and landed crouched on two feet and one hand on the other side of the gate (astonishing the cops who were giving chase, as well as innocent bystanders). So anyway, that went well. Then Kit (JETT) drew my attention to a small plant growing out of the roof overhang I had just done the flow over. Apparently it was a nettle or some close relative. Aagh! I hadn't noticed then but I do now. Here is a picture of what it had done to me:

Ick, right? Sorry if you came here hoping to be wooed and won with soft, beautiful words of love. Not today. Today is hardcore.

Anyway, if you live nearby, are cute, female, and I'm scaring you off, don't worry--it's already gone. Seems like it was a teensy reaction that lasted for like twenty minutes, now my arm looks good as new. Sigh. Good thing I caught that on camera!

Well, I'll keep you updated on our adventures, and man do I have some good ones for you from yesterday. Just wanted to tell you about my injury, since I'm so happy and excited. Bye for now.



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