Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sex, Screaming and STEM: The Sex

Part Two: The Sex.

Wordstock 4.

In the daytime, I would be pointed out beautiful JTs that I should talk to, suggested that I choose their company over something else I really wanted to do, and as far as that went, He made it fun for me, and memorable, and so totally worth it. But let's not overlook a few other aspects of Wordstock 4.

After nightfall, that was when He went to work on His part of the deal. Goal Number Two, after doing everything in your power to help the JTs have fun, was this: have fun yourselves.

After the JTs went to bed every night, there were certain choices to make. There was usually a sports crowd and a dance crowd. Participation in either led to a completely different end, and the two didn't mix easily (at least not without a good shower).

Now, this may seem like an easy choice for any of you, and on the surface, yes. Any man in his right mind would choose skirts over sports any day... right? But there is just something about a well-lit indoor gym and a good team of worthy opponents that tugs at your ankles. After all, with some of the best basketball players in the Family finally within arms reach, one had to be able to hold his head up.

On the second night I said, no, forget it, I was going to stay in the non-sweaty section of the Wordstock property. Well, man proposes... and uh... even bigger men dispose of the plans of the littler ones. A giant weighing twice as much as me stormed through the doors, forgot the formality of cordially inviting me onto the court to play, picked me up, marched to the gym, and dumped me in a heap on the floor, no questions asked. I was going to play, and that was the end of it.

So I played. But I also found that by playing one or two games, then slipping out the back door to shower and change, you could satiate both groups of people, as well as both groups of inner cravings, and still have time for a snack or two before bed.

Fast dancing is inspiring. Either for musical interpretation (something which good songs heard by good listeners just seem to demand), or just to burn off some extra energy with a few well-placed twirls, there is simply nothing like it.

Slow dancing is a need. Human affection is something the body craves, and that's why slow dancing was invented. Without that factor, it will only puzzle you. For you who don't understand dancing (especially slow), this is the key factor you have missed. Touching other people and being touched in return is just as essential for your skin as a good cleaning, and even more essential to your mind than a good education. But then, music is what brings it all together. --You take away the beat and all you have is couples clinging to each other's backs, stepping on each other's toes, and wearing an endless, chanted, rutted circle into the floor.

But put all that together and you have the magic of dancing.

And that's what we had.

Some clever soul had come up with the brilliant idea to write each person's status on his/her bracelet, so that by the second night there were no questions and no worries. Still, I was grilled at least once: FD? Not on PS? Disease-free? Single, or with permission?

Only halfway serious, but really, these things are important, and I highly recommend making sure.

Of course, to most people, dancing has an end... and it isn't the dance floor. Let me take you there.


We leave the dance hall together. We have to pass through the gym first and it is dark and abandoned. We stumble over a chair but the exit is close enough and no bones are broken. My room is a short, hilly walk away, and we have plenty to talk about on the way there.
Providence had given me one roommate--a Team Leader. You see, Team Leaders are supposed to sleep in the cabins with their teams, so he never showed up.

I have put the two single beds together, and covered them with a large, billowy, white sheet, a soft blanket and plenty of pillows. The room is immaculate: it is always two people that mess up a room--one person by himself can keep it quite clean. I do have a stock of fruit on one of the shelves in case you get hungry. The rest is up to us.
I always forget the Do Not Disturb sign, but no one comes out here at 3:00 AM anyway. When our eyes close, we will sleep well. I hope I can say the same for our neighbours. I hope the walls are thick.

Love, Joe.



At 4:02 am, Anonymous wraf said...

no i didn't miss it... jaydee told me not to put it up yet... cuz his sis is supposed to sing it or something.. tho i'm not sure if that means she's supposed to sing more than she already is... or... ?? i dunno...

tho for the nights at wordstock after the attendee's were in bed.. if i wasn't required to supply the room for music i would try to hit the sack as soon as possible.. to be able to be in adequate working mode the next day

At 6:16 am, Blogger Neo said...

Sounds like one fun party.

At 8:49 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you whore joe

At 9:26 am, Blogger kathy said...

ahhahaha anonymous....

joe, your so cool. i love you. it was awesome to see you again. i love you hugs. :) seems like you had fun. hehe. love you!! xoxo

At 8:22 pm, Anonymous Charlotte said...

The world could use a whore like Joe.
I love you sweetheart!

At 8:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LoL, well said Charlotte! ;)

At 6:23 am, Anonymous Dr. Svenson Henson said...

Joe don't you have a girlfriend? Does she like you relaying your sexual escapades onto your blog for everyone to see?

At 12:46 pm, Blogger kathy said...

obviously she doesnt mind....her name is charlotte. :) plus he wouldnt just go and post it without her permission. joes a dear.

At 1:32 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

The point is not my sexual escapades. That is what people want to hear, that is the title--but you will find very little juice in the words.
As far as my girlfriend, she and I are happy to be able to proclaim that we are doing our best to live the Lord's Law of Love. We are proud of the truths that it contains, and not ashamed to say, without waxing too graphic, that we believe and practice them.
Maybe that is the point.

Love, Joe.

I love you too, CharlottE!

At 12:04 am, Anonymous Charlotte said...

Yeah, and wait till I post stories about my escapades - with juice!

You'll be sorry then.

I love you too Joe!

At 3:40 pm, Anonymous Dr. Svenson Henson said...

Quite a lucky fellow you are.

At 5:09 pm, Blogger jason said...

halfway through reading this post i realized the giant weighing twice as much as you, was...ME. i guess i give off a enormous impression!

At 5:13 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

hahaha! --ya dude, exactly! payback!


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