Monday, October 31, 2005


We had a car crash the other day.
See, we go rollerblading once a month. We had a blast this month. Me and Cheri won second place in their rollerblading contest once again. Kenji and Checko, right behind us, won third. I swear that man has no respect for human life forms, if they come between him and winning. Yes you, Kevin. He would say he is a firm believer in 'any road to winning.' Guess he got lost. (Just kidding Kenji, you're cool.) Anyway, despite the fearsome opposition, through our weakness we were strong and won medium smoothies at the roller restaurant.
But that was a sidenote.
See, as we were leaving, I was taking my merry time. Enjoying my smoothie as I strolled out to the car where everyone was waiting. The driver got the brilliant idea to back the car up, to make me think they were leaving, so I would move faster. The driver has good ideas sometimes. This was not one of them.
I didn't run.
Oh, and there was a car behind them, so they crashed into it.
Oh, let's not call it a crash. Let's call it a... slight recession.
I confess, I giggled a bit.
That is, as I rushed into the fray to pull bodies out of the burning rubble.
Not really. The damage was minimal. We got to see the physics in a fender bender at work, now that we know Who they are.
The interesting thing is that, as each side called up their competing insurances, me and Kenji (I refuse to say 'and I') tapped into our hidden movie directing resources, and cooked up some video productions for you, featuring our traumatic accident. Here they are.
This first one is a documentary documenting the actual damage, interviews with the survivors, etc. We tried to make it fun. (Video lost to posterity, sorry)
If you've downloaded that one, and survived it, this is our dramatized screenplay of the events. This one is fiction, so don't worry. (Video lost, sorry)
I think I like videoing. Expect to see more of this in the days to come. Do I have some treats for you. Much love!!



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