Friday, January 05, 2007

Fetching Fridays

Beautiful Melody from.... somewhere in the mideast.
Feel the bliss, the peace and relaxation.

Love, Joe.



At 4:56 pm, Blogger Ely said...

hahah most normal pic of her.
shes a freak
so fun at eurock

At 4:24 am, Anonymous Joanna said...

woohooo!!! joe however do you find all the lovesof my life!! :P yes yes melody ur the most kickarsest everer

At 1:57 pm, Anonymous Aven said...

that's my baby...:D
And that's my pool...:DD
doesn't she look lovely?...that's my camera too...:DDD
and who took the photo? was it me or boyfriend, Mel? I forget...anyway... you are horribly lovely looking in this one...not fair! miss you!


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