Wednesday, November 08, 2006

XN 80, Page 18, Day 5

I'm doing this gratitude activity in the XN and today's is to write a note to your parents with 5 things about your childhood that you appreciate, and slip it under their door. Here's your door.

I appreciate the education I received. Not necessarily the book work, etc, but the intelligent way you looked at life, theorizing about how could hair possibly grow back thicker when you cut it, and answering any question I could come up with. A good foundation to have.

I appreciate the encouragement you were (are) about just about any and all foolish notions I get into my head, supporting me and them even if they were untolerably bad ideas at the beginning (like writing a first novel, making a first album, etc).

I appreciate that you fed me big meals, not only allowing me to eat much but giving me a good foundation in cuisine and cooking.

I appreciate your persistence in our spiritual development, shoving ENDs down our throats when we wouldn't sit still for anything else.

I appreciate your faithful, relentless care almost singlehandedly for nearly 10 years straight. That's a lot of time to put up with the monsters that we are.

So thank you! And I love you!
I think I'm going to post this, so everyone can know. heheheh.



At 5:55 am, Anonymous Nina said...

Speak for yourself monster.


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