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The newspaper cartoonist H.T. Webster once amused himself by sending telegrams to 20 of his acquaintances whom he selected at random. Each message contained just one word: "Congratulations!" As far as Webster knew, not one of his friends had done anything special for which to be complimented. Yet each person was so flattered that he immediately wrote him a letter of thanks. All 20 assumed they had done something worthy of a congratulatory telegram!

(Humility/Pride -- Good Thots)


That sounded like fun. So I randomly selected all of my Yahoo contacts and pasted in a good old mysterious Congratulations to everyone at the same time. And then quickly signed out.

Boy, do we have some humble people in the Family! Here are some responses:

"Ummm U heard what?"
"what was that for?"
"huh??? what u talking about?"
"congratulations for what?...did u send the offline to the wrong person"
"what? am I missing something?"
"you must've popped the wrong person"
"what did i do?"
"what r u going on about?"
"i am puzzled"
"uhh confused! what happened?"
"congratulations on what the heck?"
"what in the world are you talking about??!!!"
"what? huh? congratulations? why?"

...and best of all, this classic:

"Aww thanks!! You're so sweet! You did a great job, too!! Pretty impressive!!"


So I sent around the story blurb, and another Congratulations to each one--for real this time. They had passed the test.

Try it with yours!

Love, Joe.



At 7:38 am, Blogger drav said...

ahahahahah joe!Nice spam manuever,I should try that some time..

At 7:48 am, Blogger Joan said...

hahah, it kinda scaried me at first when you sent that to me. I was like, "Joe knows something about me that I don't know..." got me in suspence the WHOLE day until you replied back. phew!!

lovin you!

At 10:01 am, Anonymous Gio. said...

Yeah.... I'm pretty proud of my humility...
Who was Darling?
Why do you always get the cool posts?

At 11:21 am, Blogger CurlyCel said...

LOL - good one!
Alas, I'd probably be among the "thank you, thank you, thank you - glad you noticed" group! :D

At 5:56 am, Anonymous kenfrog said...


At 7:16 am, Anonymous Administrator said...

Joan: i know--many people were almost frightened, like, uh oh what gossip is going around about me now. that's pretty sad.

Gio: Darling wasn't referring to the person who posted that, or saying that i consider her more darling than my other beautiful and darling friends..... it was supposed 2 mean that what she came up with to reply was darling.

Kenfrog: thanks! how did u know?

Love, Joe.

At 9:54 pm, Blogger Florence said...

Damn. I would've said "Thanks! Does that mean you're not angry that you'll have to stay with me for twenty months?"
But alas, you did not congratulate me.

At 6:51 am, Anonymous kenfrog said...


At 11:36 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol...smooth flo!! hey jo what happened to fetching fridays..???

At 7:43 pm, Blogger jason said...

o Ojo, you never fail to surprise me with your retarded ideas.
by the way, i think all this test proves is not that we have humble people in the family but that we have a bunch of losers that don't do anything worthy of congratulating...or maybe its just your friends

From Jason with Love

P.S like usual you made me laugh

At 7:46 pm, Blogger jason said...

and i just thought of something.
"Aww thanks!! You're so sweet! You did a great job, too!! Pretty impressive!!"
that person is prolly getting x-comed too.

At 5:42 pm, Anonymous Charlotte said...

haha. those people aren't humble, they're just fishing for more compliments...

At 12:02 am, Anonymous danny! YEAH!! woah cool man!! said...

grrr... well i would have passed yer test.. but it was unfair because i did do something that deserved yer congratulations!! hmpf

At 11:15 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

what the heck ok so it's neck and neck, the humble people and those who doubt their motives.

jason and charlotte: 4 the record u both are part of those ppl ur hanging.

At 12:26 pm, Anonymous "Darling" said...

Hey Joe, didn't know you were going to post that on your blog and make me all famous :D

I wasn't fishing for compliments
I'm not getting x-comed

I was just playing along! Love you, Joe!


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