Saturday, June 02, 2007

Lucky Number

That makes 12 mes-iversaries.

June the Second. Again.
Lucky me.

Love, Joe.



At 1:26 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lucky Charlotte

At 7:35 am, Anonymous mom said...

You guys are just gorgeous. I love you both lots.


At 10:08 am, Anonymous Miss B said...

Lucky Joe! Well, lucky the both of 'em. Charlotte is incredible: beautiful, amazingly talented, great personality, keeps the whole car of us laughing for hours.

"...bring in your cat to Pavlov's"

oh god, I better stop. Too much laughing hurts the stomach.

At 10:45 am, Anonymous Teresa said...

oh yes, and we come up right behind you,....ahh yes!
love you guys


At 11:51 am, Anonymous sonialee said...

Char, you look gorgeous!...(you're bf is kinda pretty too, shh)

I love you and miss you!

At 12:37 pm, Anonymous David said...

congrats Joe never thought I'd see the day, its been a year since you to got together hasn't it wow man that's like major

At 1:37 pm, Blogger Joan said...

whoa, that fist photo of her looked like Haven!

She's got a beautiful smile.... but I don't know about you Joe, hee hee...KIDDING!

Lucky char? no.... LUCKY JOE!!

At 5:33 pm, Blogger Mythos said...

oooh congrats you guys! You are such a cute pair and Charlotte, you are looking even more beautiful as the days go by. I love and miss you both!!

At 8:31 pm, Anonymous jason said...

joes the lucky one.

At 5:38 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes i definately agree....lucky Charlotte!! man Joe you are so hot, so talented, and from what i've heard from ppl and read on your blog.....have a wonderful personality! i hope i'm lucky enough to get to meet you one day.
i wish you all the happiness in the world!!

At 8:08 am, Anonymous Administrator said...

thank you so much everyone for your congrats. i love you so much.

Love, Joe.

At 6:53 pm, Anonymous Mourmaline said...

Awww...its about time!!

At 11:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

she does look like Haven in the first pic.

At 12:30 am, Blogger Neo said...

Lucky Joe, at least she's near to you, ha.

At 9:07 pm, Anonymous Miss B said...

Yey, I look like Charlotte!

Or she looks like me, cuz I'm older


At 9:40 pm, Anonymous Tammy said...

Lucky Uncle.

I love you Charlotte!!!

At 11:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you both

At 11:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

opps that anonymous is Becca


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