Monday, August 28, 2006

Why You Hate Me... heehee


I shouldn't have to address this.

It should be normal. It should be run-of-the-mill. It should be a fundamental part of a deeply-held belief system, like not denying your faith or not consuming high fructose corn syrup. Instead it's a railroaded fanatic offshoot of dangerous sedition with an audience of rolled eyes and crooked fingers.

Birthday. A fascinating word. The connotations would be even more fascinating, if we could peer into the minds of our peers. Let's break it down a bit though.

Let's see, I identify TWO words in that one, actually joined together: BIRTH, and DAY. Look at that! I guess it would have to do, then, with the day on which you were given birth to: born. I was born twice. Let's identify the most important of those two births, so we can set some kind of a solid.

Birth number one: popping out of an internal organ, to begin the decay.

Birth number two: Eternal spiritual rebirth (becoming an 'amaranthine' of sorts).

I'm gonna go with number two here.

My parents can't remember the day I was reborn on. Shucks. What to do...? I know! Let's fix our own! Like Christmas or Easter, neither of which we know the actual day of the month for. It's a Christian tradition, apparently, to celebrate blind. Also known as... faith! So we do an estimate sort of thing, just to peg a day on it (since it WAS a very important, celebratory occasion). Say--February 14th, the first random date that pops into my mind. My new birthday. February the 14th. I like it. It has a nice ring to it. The 14th of February.

Are you beginning to empathize? Can YOUR parents remember YOUR true re-birthday? If not, take a moment to decide on one now, and together let us pass on our heritage to the cold, lost world.

But for Flatlanders, well, we'll just stick with August 27th.


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At 7:17 pm, Anonymous Nina said...

Yeah, well since you can't seem to peg a certain date yourself - just using one that pops into your head, does that make it any more relevant? and also, since the date of your 'rebirth' was what? how many years ago? Do you celebrate it as being 5 or 6 years old? Seems just too complicated to me and since even YOU can't decide on a specific date year by year- and i would know btw., i'm choosing to stick to your real, ordinary date of birth. NOT date of RE-Birth so to speak. If you wanna play that game, celebrate your Re-Birthday separately. It has no relation to the day you were born.

At 3:41 am, Blogger Spike said...

I disagree, like having Christmas in our hearts, a re-birth is something we should celebrate everyday... But that gets expensive, so pick a date, we are poor missionaries after all. For those who are dimensionally challenged a 'real' birthday is a nice excuse for not appreciating the reality of being 'born-again'. As for myself, Joe, you have converted me. From hence forth my birthday shall be the 18th of July, so what if it coincides with my earthly birthday, that’ll just makes it easier to remember.

At 7:21 am, Anonymous mom said...


The CAtholics celebrate their "first communion" which for them is sort of the same, and they no doubt remember when that way. I do remember when you got saved--it was with that Maori girl crystal, and you were more than one year old. I just don't remember the date. oh well. Lotsa people don't know their actual BIRTH dates.

I just glad you were, uh, born, and born again! Love you! Waiting for that photo of you 'n' her!

At 9:16 am, Blogger Princess Penelope said...

ha, thanks for clarifying Joe. You are so precious


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