Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rice Phase

For better or worse, I go through Damien Rice phases where I can't take my eyes off of floating cannonballs, and I strut around in pajamas for entire days stumbling through the work I have to do. These are not particularly gloomier phases than the rest of the anthill existence, nor are they particularly less motivated. I'm only as bi-polar as the next bi-polar bear, and he's so cuddly and cute.

If anything, they are definitely more poignant phases. Everything takes on a deeper meaning, more things are read into, more lines read between. You could say more thinking is done (therefore more am-ing accomplished?), more pondering.

I used to believe that my Damien Rice phases were triggered by you (plural, obscure, undefined). Now that you has many faces and none of them recent, I am beginning to run out of lightning for my blamestorm. You, perhaps, is a symptom of the phase rather than the other way around.

Be that as it may, I think these are possibly nothing more than a healthy balance for the unbridled optimism and enthusiasm of the high end of the see-saw. They help me to contemplate from my throat, sing from my diaphragm, and stare right through you. Tomorrow I will be back to Jack, Jude, Joe, Jason, Joshua, Justin, and Milow.

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At 7:05 am, Blogger This girl said...

hahaha, I love it! I did introduce you to Damien Rice no? He is good for gloomy moods. I am out of his phase now though. Bi-polar bear huh? Funny.

At 3:48 pm, Blogger Amaranthine said...

i don't really know who u r but u may think ur out of his phase now until the phase hits u again that is

that may actually be why they call it a phase

At 2:40 pm, Anonymous Nina said...

I am..your father. (sister.)

At 3:40 pm, Anonymous hi said...

hey, do you still have the Imortality By Death album? I'd like to have it. Tried the download, but down. Just asking.


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