Monday, May 12, 2008

My Day

I just don't think it's fair to have to do something special for your mom on Mother's Day. I mean, she didn't do anything special for me on April Fool's Day.


Just kidding, mom, I love you.



At 1:10 am, Anonymous danny said...

Dear Joe,
I have someone here who's going to master the tracks. So there's no need to go through the day-long tasks of sending the Wav files via the prehistoric internet connection available here.
When they are completed I will send them to you for critique etc and would you be so kind as to post them here or on some other family blog? The family deserves to hear these songs, since they were written expressly within/for members of TFintl. Thanks, ILY
- danny

At 10:32 pm, Anonymous Administrator said...

sent u an email dude. imagine? another family metal album... we can't wait.

At 6:31 am, Anonymous danny said...

Okay, I replied. hahaha I just saw the lyrics to that song so I'm relistening to it now hahhahahaha tsk tsk


At 7:06 am, Blogger Alana Joy said...

Hey Joe u need to update ur blog


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